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Of Rarity Coats and Dungeons Deep · 6:07pm Dec 8th, 2016

Good news everypony! Chapter 7 of "A Bartender in Equestria" is right on schedule! Mmmm yes.

I won't spoil too much of the following chapter but needless to say we meet a few key members of the quest to hopefully cure Killian! But what will happen when symptoms of his sickness arise? Adventure, drinking, lust, this and so much more as our hero embarks on a quest that will surely be filled with danger!

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OH CRAP LOOK AT THIS ART OF [REDACTED]!!! · 5:38pm Sep 9th, 2018

So, a few days ago I was sent a link to some art done from a very particular story of mine. This is the FIRST fanart for a story I think I've ever gotten that I haven't asked for, heh. I was... so stupid flattered, more so because the art is ACTUALLY REALLY AMAZING!

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4 Day Emergency $50 Loan? · 9:38am Jul 1st, 2019

I thought I had enough money in my account to buy underwear and groceries at Target. I did not. Now, ten dollars, that's not too much. I'm sure I could find someone to sell a couple grams of God's green herb to to make that up. But then I forgot that Planet Fitness (the place I shower at since I live in my music studio) charges a $40 "Maintenance Fee" or whatever every July, rather than, you know, making their monthly rate like 3.5 bucks higher. So now I'm $49 in the red, and if I can't solve

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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