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Of Rarity Coats and Dungeons Deep · 6:07pm Dec 8th, 2016

Good news everypony! Chapter 7 of "A Bartender in Equestria" is right on schedule! Mmmm yes.

I won't spoil too much of the following chapter but needless to say we meet a few key members of the quest to hopefully cure Killian! But what will happen when symptoms of his sickness arise? Adventure, drinking, lust, this and so much more as our hero embarks on a quest that will surely be filled with danger!

In completely unrelated news I recently got the rights to a very old game (Can't say what it is until the paperwork is finished being signed) And I'll be writing a brand new piece of fiction based on the game! Our cast will feature a sullen unicorn with a dark secret, a pegasus that can no longer fly, a Gryphon that has lost her honor, and a Diamond dog without a clan! Set in a fantasy world where The rulers of Equestria are King Solaris and Queen Aurora. This will be a much more serious story than my previous works but as per all of my stories there will be raunchy situations and Plot but more focus will be on the story and the characters instead of internal monologue and boners.

If you are currently enjoying bartenders and boners be sure to SMASH that muthabuckin like button!

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