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Dyslexia Poem · 9:18pm Jun 7th, 2015

Dyslexia is like a mountain,
So very tall and high,
Changing the whole way up,
But the view makes me want to fly!

Dyslexia is like a battle.
That is fought with the mind,
Raging back and forth,
But the struggles can be left behind.

Dyslexia is like a river,
Rushing two and fro.
Round the trees and over rocks,
But it shall never go slow.

Dyslexia is like a painting,
That is drawn trough words,
It makes the words dance round the room,
Now isn’t that absurd?

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blood and violence · 2:30am Jun 10th, 2016

violence leads to bloodshed
but violence is our only option
sometimes its inevitable
to escape it but i like violence
violence is a way to release
rage, anger, and madness

blood is a liquid that makes
up most of our bodies
its red the color of anger
and the color of violence
the color of anger its

a i hate everything humans
are pathetic creatures
but creatures that
have faults

humans are a play toy for
gods game he set
and the devil's winning
the devil will win this

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Poem: Follow me into The Abyss. · 2:43pm May 2nd, 2016

There is a place, beyond the realm of comprehension. A place of dreams and nightmares—where anything and everything happens at once.

Can you see it?

I've visited this realm. I did not feel fear or joy; emotions were irrelevant. Everything was irrelevant. Darkness merged with the light; good and evil melded into an area of neutrality.

Can you feel it?

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Anon Pie's Adventure - Poem · 6:43pm Dec 8th, 2016

In a world of ponies he is sent

A threat to them all he doesn’t want to present

To find a mare to call his wife is what he must do

To prevent from exploding

and ruin the world he’d come to

A tribute poem to my favorite fan made MLP comic: Anon Pie's Adventure. Everyone that is fan of mlp should seriously check it out. The art is amazing!

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Poem #10 · 4:21pm Jan 17th, 2017

Fire (10)

Bright, burn, bend, alive,
Hot, heat, (hell), thinking,
Light, destruction, builder, warmth,
Shaper, shifter, shining, splendid.
It burns with rage,
It cannot be held in a cage,
It destroys all it touches,
Nothing escapes its clutches.

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Just when... · 3:12pm Aug 25th, 2016

Just when you think things are swell
Everything just goes to hell

No matter how hard you try
Everything blows to the sky

Why does it all do the same?
just a failure, my what a shame.

Nothing I do turns out right.
Guess I am cursed that's my plight.

I should really just stop trying.
Inside I feel I am dying.

Waste of air that I be, everyone can see,
I should just go away, what everyone would say.

Leave behind this stupid shell.

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Third poem · 10:21pm Apr 10th, 2017

I went to the south of the street
It's where all the pony should meet

The content is in Bolivia
I'm pretty sure there is a great musician name Octavia

As she play with her music with her good instrument
She tries to take a date with Vinyl Scratch with some better arrangement

There both have good careers
They never drink any awful beers

I hope they will sing in nightmare night spider
Sure it's true they do drink the perfect cider

These two ponies can never get bored

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"Alicorn" a poem · 8:51pm Sep 26th, 2015

Alicorn oh alicorn why have you arrived?
What's parts of your backstory aren't heavily contrived?
And if I ask why horns and wings
instead of a canon race
I get a bunch of hate mail
Crammed right into my face

Alicorn oh alicorn is that your real oc?
Are they here to cause the rest of us a wave of misery?
Or is their purpose to this plot
And not just Mary Sue
To bring their pony higher
Than a pony who is true

So alicorn, dear alicorn
Are you Luna's son?

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Forever · 2:39am Nov 5th, 2016

First there was nothing
Second there was everything
Third was the sphere
Fourth came the wave
Here am I
Sixth will be a line
Lastly there will be nothing

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Pony · 9:10pm Sep 26th, 2017

Draw the simple draw, where the pony is expressed.
See through her eyes and witness, the beauty, that is her world.
The friends that she meet every day.
To a world uncomplicated, with only cakes and large soirees.
Yet in the dark forests, and open plains, across the seas and in to the east, there darkness lay.
Even amongst the pony kind, darkness fester, but such is nothing the pony kind cannot pester.
For friendship is what they hold dear, and love, they cannot falter.

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Journal: On Incorporating Lore · 12:32am Dec 12th, 2018

Journal Date: 12/11/18

I've recently had the opportunity to include a lot of what I loved most... well... one of the things I loved most about writing: Dreaming. More specifically, dreaming of details that otherwise aren't addressed in the show. Lore, in other words. Especially history, and myth. I like myth.

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"The Order" Poem By Fiend from the Darkness · 8:26am Dec 24th, 2013

Hey guys! I got a message from a very talented user on this site, Fiend from the Darkness, yesterday. Phantom enjoys writing poems based off fanfics he's enjoyed on this site. He happened to write a poem based off The Order and was kind enough to share it with me. With his permission, I have posted it here.

Click the break for more!

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Poem #8 · 4:18pm Jan 17th, 2017

Sand (8)

Rough, grainy, small,
Too many to count even in a hand,
Children play with it in the day.
Compact, round, like dust,
Firmer form and smaller,
Without number, without voice,
Without song, without breath,
This is the ballad to sand,
For it will last even after death.

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Returning soon. Sin Whinny news. And a poem · 1:12pm Jun 3rd, 2016

So this is morning five of my beach trip. I'll be making the four hour drive back later today. I had a lot of fun with my friends, took a lot of pics, got a decent amount of shark teeth, and swam in the ocean every day. Never did get to ride that jetpack, but it's okay. There's always next year.

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Some info · 7:25am Dec 31st, 2015

I have now canceled my pony poems no more will be made. I am still taking poem commissions. Friday i will be hopefully recording again and uploading too. That's about it

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Prophecy fulfilled · 12:03am Oct 31st, 2017


Words · 2:48am Apr 24th, 2016

Words define people, places, and things
that can hurt peoples little wings
up at the sky we try to get
but words, like the heat, melt our resolve

Words limit reality- put boxes around things we don't understand
Like how a person you see on the street has a inner life that you can't comprehend
Dreams that are boundless and gleaming in beauty
But words can limit that nice reality

Words are like poisonous vipers and snakes
It gets in your head and causes heartaches

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Is this what you want...? · 11:14pm Aug 30th, 2017

Now I understand that you are upset. No wait... Let me correct. You're pissed. The effect of your mind resists my rythme right now but you need to listen. I'm not going to apologize again for changing. Its as if my body was rearranging and won't let me be innocent enough to know right from wrong. Come on. We all did some stupid shit. We sit on our ass all day and play online games that mame our brain and grain our energy. We strip to our skin and run about thin, so bony and light, we think we

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Too In Love. A Poem · 11:07pm Nov 6th, 2015

NOTE: I'm not depressed or anything, I'm doing really well, don't think that the poem I am writing is reflecting on my current feelings. Happier one coming later

Your everything I'd want in every single way
But i'm tired of waiting for you each day
Cause I know that you'll never say
"I love you too babe"

I'm just too in love too let you go yet
But one day I will, don't you fret
But right now your the best that I could ever get

Blocking me out of your universe

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Humanity · 4:36pm Nov 14th, 2015

Nothing has a shadow without sunshine
And nothing has exhaustion without rest
Humanity, gods greatest disappointment,
Which somehow leaves us existing, at our best.

And though the oceans turn today
The winds are rising, my good friends
It's time to find that balance
Between our beginnings and our ends

we lack that true peace,
Which all of us shall dream
And here within the quiet
There is innocence it seems

A quiet child's laughter
Or the sun after the rain

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