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blood and violence · 2:30am Jun 10th, 2016

violence leads to bloodshed
but violence is our only option
sometimes its inevitable
to escape it but i like violence
violence is a way to release
rage, anger, and madness

blood is a liquid that makes
up most of our bodies
its red the color of anger
and the color of violence
the color of anger its

a i hate everything humans
are pathetic creatures
but creatures that
have faults

humans are a play toy for
gods game he set
and the devil's winning
the devil will win this
game and it'll kill
all of us

but in the end
we can't do anything
about it the blood
the violence is part
of our faults

the devil will win the
game and god will
reset everything
and then a new game is started
thus new humans are born
and it'll just loop and loop

the devil has won
everything resets
thus a new game began

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Comments ( 26 )

What? I thought it was a good poem.

4012149 i said another poem

4012156 i wrote a sad poem this is an angery one

Yeah, I can tell, this one sounds angrier.

4012161 especially the devil part

4012181 thats the thing god and the devil is playing a game and that game is our life

4012189 but you don't know if he is or isn't i believe in god just sometimes feel like this is a game

4012198 but didn't god make us with those sins

What god? What devil?

4012210 our god and our devil its just a poem don't take this seriously

4012218 but how did he let us go in the nature we are now just asking

4012230 its fine it was just a poem don't take it seriously

4012239 oh okay sorry i have a big head ache and doing these ranks is making it worse

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