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I have been offline and unavailable for SOME TIME now (as I'm sure some have noticed) and I cannot apologize enough.

Basically I didn't manage some drama in my life very well, and I ended up being away from home (and my computer) for about a week and some change. Let me be clear-- I understand completely that these are just excuses. I just thought it would be fair to offer some sort of explanation.

I am seriously so thankful for all the participation during this small project/event, and am now working on resolving any issues that came up during my absence.

Please remember to complete your gift by the 25th!

Please post your gift here and tag both your gift's recipient and me! (just so I know it's been done)
You may post your gift anywhere else you'd like as well :twilightsmile:

Welcome to Artists' Secret Snowmare 2019!

  1. Read the rules!
  2. Fill out the sumission form (found at the end of the post)
  3. Please tag me in your submission to make sure I see it!
  4. Submission deadline is 11/28/2019
  5. On 11/30/2019 you will recieve a PM with your assigned name! (Via random generator)
  6. Please send your gift between the 18th and the 25th!


  • No NSFW (this goes for requests and interpretations)
  • Keep your request simple! (See example request)
  • If you submit a request, you must also create a gift
  • Be kind and considerate! We don't want to attract any windigos :fluttershyouch:
  • If something comes up and you cannot send your gift by the deadline, please let your assigned giftee and me know during the dealine that your gift will be coming soon!
  • If you don't receive your gift by the deadline, please let me know!

Submission Form

Character Name(s): Up to three
Reference(s) or Description: Please use links or a few sentences
What would you like?: Decsribe your desired gift!
Other: Any additional thoughts or details?

Example Request

Character Name(s): Inkspill Nightstar and Nonsense Doodle
Reference(s) or Description: Inkspill Ref || Nonsense Ref Ref 2
What would you like?: I'd love to see these two painting on a non-descript wall. Non would be hoof painting in an erratic fashion, while Ink hesitantly paints using a paintbrush. Not much of a background is necessary; I'd just love to see these characters interacting.
Other: What they're painting is your choice! Thank you very much in advance, and happy holidays! :twilightsmile:

Current Participators

  1. Morion87

  2. Mix-up

  3. TheMajorTechie 

  4. Samuel-Neocros 

  5. Not Quite Equine

  6. ABadger 

  7. FairyFun 

  8. HollowHaven 


  10. NicLove 

  11. Little Tigress 

  12. The Lone Doctor

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Don't stress over your art's quality-- this is meant to be fun!
Whether traditional, digital, or anything else under the sun-- all art is accepted!

If I could do art well, I'd try. But I don't. So I'll have to wait for normal requests to reopen.

It's only meant to be fun! There's no "art level" screening to participate :derpytongue2:

Yeah. So I said screw it and I'll do it.

Character names: Crystal and Blaze


What I would like: a front view. But now with two dragon heads. One would be female. Same expression as Blaze has. Crystal would be coming out of either of them like she is in the first pic. I don't mind which. The female head is older than Blaze.

Other: My art skills are limited to using bases as the starting point and builidng from there. I am still not very confident in my skills with that as well. So be aware that it could not be 100% perfect.

your image isn't appearing :fluttercry:
Also, please remember to read the entire post before submitting your request!

Group Admin

Hm. Does the art have to necessarily be good? 'Cause I've got MS Paint, a mouse, and no sense of style. :rainbowlaugh:


Don't stress over your art's quality-- this is meant to be fun!
Whether traditional, digital, or anything else under the sun-- all art is accepted!

It's just for funsies! :pinkiehappy:


Nevermind, I think I got it. I'll be totally useless in this event. :rainbowlaugh:

Group Contributor

Nice here is mine, looking forward to see how it turns out

Character Name(s)::Mix-up, a Pegasus
What would you like?: Decsribe your desired gift!: Being put in a puffy reindeer sleeper, trying to feebly trying to open a present with his mitten hooves.
Other: anyting that you think tht would look silly on him.

Oh, I was joking about th whole "secret Santa" bit, that's all. I... take it you didn't get the reference? Sorry about that, either way. :twilightsheepish:

Hm? No, I'm just confused about what this is about, actually... But I like the reference. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Oop, nvm. I think I got it now.

Group Admin

Great! I'll reply to the main post with my request then. :twilightsmile:

Character names: Lisa, Timothy and Samantha
Description: All three characters are human characters from my story, Pony-Me.
Lisa and Timothy both have dark-brown hair and brown eyes. Skin tone is a mix between East Asian and white American for the two. Lisa has long, albeit messy hair, while Timothy's is pretty much just whatever standard boy's hairstyle you'd think he has. Lisa and Timothy are close siblings.
Samantha is straight-up British. She has a ponytail and blue eyes.
Timothy is in his late teens, while both Lisa and Samantha are in their mid-20s.
What I'd want: Timothy and Lisa are messing around in the snow together (up to artist's imagination) while Samantha stands by, smiling with her arms crossed as she watches them. A simple winter-y background would be preferred.

EDIT: If you need any more information, feel free to PM me. I don't have any drawing references, so I can only at most provide detailed descriptions.

Other than that, I think that just about wraps it up! Thanks in advance! :pinkiehappy:

But Does/Would my Cake-Pony work ?
Would it be ok ?

me 2 !

7059391 7059394
Thanks for joining! :twilightsmile:

Please explain :fluttercry:

QUILL PLZ :fluttershysad:


Sorry, I am just god-awful at drawing. Like... very bad. I don't art. :rainbowlaugh:

So.. I can jest make a cake of your O.C. and that is ok ?

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Character Names: Neocros, Rainbow Dash,
Description: Rainbow Dash is simi-anthro, to match Neocros’ anthro-like frame. Neocros’ design, and Neo’s face. I’d like Neocros’ design to match his design in Neocros Adventures, where he has clear dorsal fins instead of green ones. But of course, if you can’t make them clear, you can just leave them grey.
Plus, to give a size reference; Neocros is three Pinkie Pies tall :pinkiecrazy: To add the cherry on top, Rainbow is wearing red christmas themed stockings, though you only see the top ones since her lower half is in the bedsheets.
What would you like?: Neocros and Rainbow are sleeping in bed, with Neo having a Santa hat on his head. The two are hugging/cuddling(not nsfw) with a sack of presents near the bed.

Feel free to ask me more through PM, I’d love to talk.
Small question tho; Do I pick a person to make a gift for? Or do they pick me? Could you give more details on that?

Thank you for joining!
I will be running all the names through a randomizer to get results :) I will be sending out everyone’s assigned request on the 30th!


This seems like quite a bit of fun, and my severe lack of artistic abilities will hopefully be made up by photoshop.

Character Name(s): No one actually

What would you like?: A present that's left on a desk. There's a note on the present that says its for Princess Celestia with hearts or something, make it seem semi lovey dovey. It is being given by Twilight, but that's not necessary to put down. Just a nice reference.

Other: Honestly art quality doesn't matter that much too me, and I'd like to apologize in advance to whoever I get...

Reference to A Very Minty Christmas, in which the eponymous pony (and sock enthusiast) "invents" the concept of Christmas stockings. Watch that if you like. Or don't. It IS G3, after all.

I can relate.

Before you wonder, my avatar was drawn by Navanastra in return for editing some of his stories. Because... You know, I kinda suck at that sort of art (my specialty is poetry, really).

Character Name(s): Crystal Star, Cadance
Reference(s) or Description: Crystal Star (My profile pic) and Cadance
What would you like?: Crystal and cadance flying high in the skys with big smiles on there faces
Other: Any additional thoughts or details?: I mostly use bases so If it is kinda basic dont judge me!

This would be like roulette for me; I’m rather out of practice at both human characters and backgrounds. :facehoof:

Character Name(s): Silver Wind, Sparky Starscream and Uproar
Reference(s) or Description: Sparky Starscream:

Sparky is a steampunk inventor bat pony. She's highly insane and unpredictable.

Silver Wind:

Silver Wind is a curious map maker. She loves discovering new things and is often seen exploring. Silver Wind is a Pegasus and bat pony hybrid, possessing bat pony eyes, ears and teeth.


Uproar is a ballerina bat pony, she's a sassy and confident bat pony.

What would you like?: Any art piece is fine! However please keep their personalities in mind when drawing them.
Other: N/A

Character Name(s): Siria and Hala
Reference(s) or Description:

Based on a lunaverse au I'm working on. These two are mirrored versions of celestia and Luna.
What would you like?: Due to these two waring against one another. I'd looove to see them dueling. if its too much trouble you can pick one or the other.
If you chose Hala please have her like a snow queen and if you chose Siria please have her with a sun like halo.

I do have a question. What do you mean by submission? Our ideas? Or something else? I can't tell if I need to do more.

I’d like to do something, try my hand at vector art, but I don’t exactly have a particular request, mainly due to the fact that I’m developing the vector of my OC at the moment on and off.

I mean, we’re randomly going to be selected a person.

Was this comment for me ?

... Wait, do you have an O.C. ?

And you want to use that O.C. that you are making


sorry, I thought you said, you didn't have any O.C.s, but you wanted to make art.

sorry :ajsleepy:

You can have my slot if you'd like. I like to draw but don't have any O.C.s.

Sign me up but give NicLove my slot.

Let's go with Helsa

Character Name(s): Helsa

Reference(s) or Description: all the images that I have of her

HELsa/Hel/Hela/Helsa: 75% Earth-pony, 25% Zebra: Earth-Zebra; She was born with half her face disfigure. The good half has a gold mane, lively-light-pink colt color and a gold calcite ear-ring. Will her disfigured side had a drak-night-black mane, dark-blue clot color and a silver skull with red rupee eyes. And her hole mane is in a 4 brad pony-tale. She is lerning ice baste magic. "even those she doesn't have a horn." She is Sleipnir's adopted sister. (She plandes to make a contry and call it Niflheim, with a capital called Eljudnir. With Ganglati and Ganglot and her both and lovers)'s%
Cutie-Mark/Glyph-Mark: A skull of ice with snow flacks as eyes
Religion: Zebras-(Ice), respects Moon

her BackStory
One day as the ambassador of ZebraCa came to visit the princess of the Pony-Land.
Traveling with his servent, wife, daughter, and 3 son.
As he was chatting with the princess with his eldest son and his daughter (who was the second oldest child), one of the servant (name Mtumishi) was asked to go make some Witblits jest the way the ZebraCa ambassador likes it.
when Mtumishi went to the kitchen, he fond an Earht-Pony-Maid (named Tea-Set). and they started to chat will making the Witblits
Every time the ZebraCa ambassador came to the Pony-Land, Mtumishi and Tea-Set would meet, and chat and kiss
One the he ZebraCa ambassador stayed the night at the Pony-Castle, Mtumishi and Tea-Set share a bed together and maked love
But the zebras were accused of putting something in the water. (but it was clueless company)
because of that the zebras were no longer invited to the Pony-Land, so Mtumishi and Tea-Set never saw each other anymore.
Moths past, Tea-Set tried to hide her pregnant belly.
But the day came, and she gave birth in the same kitchen she had meet Mtumishi .
but sadly not only did she have strips, but half her body (lets say her left side) was disfigure
knowing that she wouldn't able to rase her daughter, and that she would live her life being mocked and attacked, she made the difficult choice to give her up.

On her free day, she climbed Mount-Olympus, and left her daughter at the door step of New-MoonRacer

The baby was brought in, and shown to the king (Kirouac), then put with all the other kids that had either ran way form home or was also left in the door step.
after a year of being raised with the other kids
(being treated like any other kid. Since a good number of the citizens of New-MoonRacer are disfigure them self in there own way, she wasn't seen as ... you know)
the king (Kirouac), decided to raise her as his one child. and call her HELsa.
She was giving her own room, (next to Kirouac)
her new father would play with her all the time he had that were free.

What would you like?: What ever you think
maybe her making a Snow-pony with her power

Other: Have fun !


Character Name(s)::Moonlight and Quillian Inkheart
What would you like?: Describe your desired gift!: Moonlight wearing a Santa costume and Quill with a serious face wearing reindeer antlers and a red nose
Other: Not really, I just want them to look like they are having fun (at least moonlight does)

Comment posted by The Lone Doctor deleted Nov 29th, 2019

Character Name(s): Historia (my OC), random caroling pony(s), Cranky Doodle
Reference(s) or Description:

Historia: A relatively introverted Pegasus around strangers, but who’s more extroverted to people she knows are or whoever’s interested in some of the things she does. She’s a bit of a historian. However, instead of doing conventional teaching, she has a preference in showing rather than telling, and thus often creates and wears historical clothing from different time periods. When she wants to, she constantly wants to make others happy or impressed at what she’s doing.

Reference picture of Victorian Christmas Carolers

What would you like?: Historia and some random ponies (1-3 depending on what the artist wants to do), are doing some Christmas caroling in front of Cranky’s house. He is standing in the doorway, looking quite annoyed, possibly nearly angry, and looks just short of trying to get rid of them kinda like a Mr. Scrooge. The background would be a snow laden town at night.

Other: Historia and the other caroling ponies are wearing Victorian clothing. Should the artist decide to draw Historia with 3 other Carolers, make sure the three other ponies are one mare and two stallions, a usual setup for a choir. If the artist should have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.

Other than that, I’d like to note that I’m just starting out in vector art, but I assure you I’ll do my best. Aside from all of that, thank you in advance.

Comment posted by morion87 deleted Nov 29th, 2019

p.s. you forgot to click Reply

With the deadline past, you probably should update this to show it's closed now. Or this will keep filling up with requests that won't be done.

Hi everyone! I apologize for my tardiness: I've been sick the past few days and basically slept through the last two. I do feel much better now! :twilightblush:

Everyone should have now received their assignment. If not, please let me know!

7059380 7059391 7059394 7059445 7059649 7060072 7060199 7060247 7066614 7066861 7066919

Group Contributor

No problem, I was just thinking about this trade, thank you for the update, I should be able to deal with it at about the 12th and should be done with in about the same day

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