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Stardust Balance by Stardust Balance

Once upon a time, a young man finds himself inside the very pony universe he only just became a fan of, during the very first episode in one of the many forms of Equestria's inhabitants. How did he get there? Why was he here? What must he do to return home? And, most importantly, why in God's name was he slowly growing feelings for a certain studious equine?
Join the befuddled human-turned-Earth-Pony as he aids the Mane Six in their adventures through every season by every episode in his own goal of returning back home with his limited knowledge of events, while they in turn teach the criticizing outsider the true meaning of friendship and what it means to have fun.
It will be trying on all ends; as the residents of Ponyville must deal with his dry humoured nature, and he in turn must deal with their warm innocent demeanor's.
One thing's for certain with this world: the fate of all who inhabit the equine world, alongside his tolerance and mental stability, may just be on the line...

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