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After the events of the first movie, a frustrated Stardust storms around the school, glaring at anyone who made eye contacts with the irritated man. It was bad enough he was trapped in the Equestria Girls universe in the first place, but he missed the golden opportunity to leave with Princess Twilight at the Fall Formal. Naturally, he was more than peeved at this current situation.

So, upon seeing a distraught Sunset Shimmer isolating herself in self-loathing and grief in a lone classroom, would Stardust provide some empathy and compassion, or will his own contempt for the world and movies in general win out?

(Semi-sequel now up!)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

You watched Equestria Girls movie today, didn't you? :ajsmug:

That was a nice story by the way.

Equestria Girls wasn't a brilliant movie, we agree on that. Writing a fanfic where somebody swears about that fact for half the story is very cheap.

7419707 I call it entirely justified; my contempt for that movie is so strong not even what I wrote in that fic is enough.

7420021 Sure, write a blog post or even an entirely satirical story about it if you must, but the bashing in the first half of this story hinders the reader from investing in the more serious second half. Looking at it again, the ending is rather pat, but Stardust's emerging sympathy with Sunset is well described.

7420167 I appreciate the criticism, and will keep that in mind.

Dare I read this?

Just finished reading this.

Very good. I enjoyed it.

For some reason I'm left with an image of Stardust on a bulldozer, drunk and quaking like Scroouge Mc Duck.

Between this and AJBS you know I think you should do your own season one of EGs starting from Camp Everfree.

Also the whole relationship between you and Sunset was fun to read.

Just like the movies your story shows great leads for more stories.

However unlike the movies your story is actually good :)

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