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In this thread, I'd like to collect and share art which I find especially entertaining or beautiful.

If you have something which you think fits the bill, please either reply with a link or PM me so that, even if I don't add it here, others can check it out if they want. (UPDATE: I'm told it's not longer possible to post new comments on this thread... that wasn't my decision.)

NOTE: Comics now have their own thread.

General Images:
An Avenue of Lost Tales by JackJacko-Eponymous
Disturbed Unshaded by CrunchNugget
Rainbow the Pegasus 2 by lazyperson202

General Images (Funny):
Flutterscorpion by Omny87
HI, MAILMARE. :3 [2] by SillyCaracal
Hit and Fly by harwicks-art
Artist Training Grounds, Days 21, and 28 by CrunchNugget
Alicorned by CrunchNugget

Changelings (Entertaining):
MLP: Cheese and Cotton candy by keterok
Changeling Espionage by PixelKitties
The Royal Cup Holder by DaGoddamnBatGuy

Changelings (Artistic):
Crizalis uncorrupted by Dalagar
Irony of Applejack Poster by Plainoasis
Deception is Magic by Helios.
Trophy by broke-pegasus
Nightmare Chrysalis by harwicks-art
An Imperial Changeling Family by Jowybean

Derpy Hooves (Entertaining):
Derpleganger Vector by xkappax (Chrysalis)
Serious Hooves by Dan Shive
The Legend by Kaliptro2

Cucumber Retrieval by CrunchNugget
Twilight Securitron by PixelKitties
Ba Da Da Daaaaaaaa by thelivingmachine02
Half-Luna 2 by AdlerToberg

An Avenue Of Lost Tales has to be seen at full size to be believed.

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Agreed. I'm speechless. I'll definitely add that to the list.

Sorry about taking so long to reply. Apparently "get notified of new threads" plus "you created this thread" does not imply "get notified of new posts on this thread".

No worries. I've made that discovery myself in the Royal Canterlot Library's story recommendations thread. (I'd love to hear some reading suggestions for the best of the best, by the way!)

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That really depends on what you're looking for in a story.

The way my mind works, comparing stories across different genres (or equivalent fundamental classifications) is like comparing apples and oranges so I don't have a "best of the best" list in my head that's small enough to just rattle off.

However, if you give me some qualifiers (genre, tone/atmosphere, focus, etc.), I'd be happy to give you a best of the best list for that subset.

Hm. How about some diamonds in the rough? The little underappreciated stories you maybe stumbled across on the front page, or via someone's recommendation, that never had a chance at featureboxing and are far better than their view count suggests.

Suggesting a genre seems a little like cheating, but if nothing leaps to mind just from that, how about adventure?

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Diamonds in the rough are tricky because the context in which I find things rarely makes an impression on me.

Adventure is also tricky because I've yet to read a story where I felt the adventure was truly the dominant element. (Usually, I get a strong impression that the adventure is just a context for exploring the main character(s).)

Probably the least helpful two things you could've asked for, given how my brain works, but I'll try to scrape together some suggestions along with summaries of why I'm suggesting them when I get back. (I'm about to go into town)

EDIT: Sorry. Got side-tracked until I was too dozy to ponder properly. I'll do it tomorrow.

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Ok, diamonds in the rough. Given how mechanistic my thought processes can be at times, how little context I remember for finding things, and how little I know about your interests, I'll need to make that into something more concrete, so I'll go with "Give me a cross-section of the best stuff you know with near or under 1,000 views."

If you want short, silly comedy, I'd suggest Luna Drops the Soap by the same author as How to Preen Your Chicken. It's a delightfully silly romp through Luna's imagination and really deserves its Comedy/Random tag mix.

Celestia and Luna Drive a Car is also good if you want something more grounded in reality.

If you want a longer (though still unfinished), more serious story that crosses a Scootaloo slice of life with comedy, I'd suggest Just Winging It by arcum42. It's quite amusing and has some ideas I haven't seen anywhere else for involving Princess Luna and applying temporary transformation magic.

As for Prince Blueblood and comedy, try Blueblood's Ascension; or, Alicorns Just Aren't What They Used to Be and watch the chaos that happens (and how Celestia reacts) when Blueblood ascends before Twilight can. (The "Background Ascension" sidestory collection is also fun.)

For lesser-known "changelings who get accepted by ponies" fics, I'd suggest The Sneezing Changeling or Conversion. As its name and summary suggest, the former gets good use out of a changeling who can't control his form while the latter is simply an entertaining read involving three OCs. (Heart Nom is also adorable.)

If you want a changeling-focused story but you'd like a break from lighthearted optimism, I'd try Changeling Blood.

It's not really my thing, but I'm perceptive enough to recognize that, for people who do like that sort of fic, Drive is great.

On the opposite end of "not for everyone", if you're the kind to enjoy a short little "funny setup... punchline" oneshot with good but very low-brow humor, check out Luna Shoves a Cellphone Up Her Plot.

Finally, because Pinkie is so random, here is a quality fic that can only be tagged as Random: How She Does it

As for stories which have a ton of potential but still need to advance their arcs further before they're guaranteed recommendations (I'll relax the restrictions to "under 2,000 views" for these):

Leftovers only has one chapter so far but, if you're in the mood for silly comedy, it's got lines like this:

“Dude! You killed it!” the purple stallion yelled at Marble, and looked out the window. “Oh wait, my apologies. The changeling broke the fridge’s fall.”

Bright as Polished Chrome reinterprets ponies in a Chobits-esque fashion. (Main character is incrementally creating true artificial life in his quest to improve his beloved browser pony's A.I.)

Amongst the Trees has a creative interpretation of Timberwolves.

Defender of Justice, King Sombra! looks like it'll be lots of fun.

Bloom looks like it's going to be a fascinating character piece told from the perspective of a changeling who hatches, alone in the Everfree, and then wanders into Ponyville.

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