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The gift of thought is a powerful thing, and what one chooses to do with that thought makes all the difference.

Facing mistrust and a changing mind, a newly hatched Changeling drone without the influence of a queen must find out what kind of person it wants to become.

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Now this is a nice twist on the "Changeling in Ponyville" story: our 'ling *hatches* near Ponyville rather than getting dropped there after the invasion.

Your writing style is great, too--the clipped, stilted sentences really do "sound" like a being that just came into existence.

I'll be keeping an eye on this...

Interesting, I shall follow this. You have received a Crazy Oatmeal credit, you may redeem this for a MOAR Cannon Shell.

You're right. That fits better. Changing it now.

....how does this not have more views?

I doubt I've seen such a perfect chapter with same amount of quality. Without an editor no-less! Congrats on an amazing story.

There is so little fics taking from that perspective. Looking for more from this one

Plz keep up the great work.... I like where you are taking this.

3726509 I can't think of any better way to describe this than what you've said!! :heart:

Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

That poor changeling. :fluttershysad: I hope Fluttershy can help him and keep him safe.

It's always such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a story like this when looking in the less visited areas. But also a bit sad that it hasn't received more recognition.

This is well written and it is artistically told in newborn's perspective. I hope you can continue this!

when will this get updated ?

and rainbow dash once again over reacts to a simple matter way to go rd injure another helpless creature :applecry:

and rainbow dash strikes again dam she can be a bitch all it did was freak out where was the changeling going to go let alone do dam :applecry:

I'm working on it. Albeit slowly.


Facing mistrust and a changing mind, a newly hatched Changeling drone without the influence of a queen must find out what kind of person it wants to become.

Can you give me a quick explanation as to how much influence can a Queen according to your headcanon have to a drone?

We already know that the hive-mind is not cannon. So it's safe to say this story is not 100% cannon. Please don't start arguing your own head-cannon or FiM cannon. You'll ruin the story.

Just take it for what it is. Read it how it's supposed to be read instead of how you think it should be read.

This chapter looks unfinished. I'm guessing you publish chapters and then work on them afterwards, or maybe you just hit publish by mistake?

5429827 I am not. I just want to determine whether I should read this or not.

I feel as if the 'hive mind' premise, to me, is more of a bestial primal thing, which is why I prefer it. Not to the level of 'Kill the queen and you kill the swarm.' because that isn't the case, even in nature.
I feel that in the case of changelings, they have advanced enough cognitively to speak and think and have personal opinions and such, but much of that infrastructure still lies on the queen being the 'top dog' in a way. The queen is the most important member of the hive, to the level that you never see any changeling without a disguise speak.

I don't think that makes them animals, but I think it's more interesting to leave most of it to the one on top. In almost every conflict ever, fictional or not, there's someone or something up the top, making a lot of the calls. How much power that individual holds, and how their presence and/or death effects the populace they are controlling varies hugely. In the case of changelings in my headcanon, kill the queen and the swarm is severely crippled to the point of complete disarray. Which is a major flaw, but one that is necessary by nature in a society that has one individual controlling almost everything that happens.

In a war an assault would be expertly choreographed by one incredible mind, but take out that mind and it all crumbles. Like the most important beam in a structure. The structure wouldn't hold up without it. A major advantage with a major flaw.

In a land of magic, the notion of unspoken orders isn't too far fetched.

It's honestly up to the writer on what they want the story to have. Neither is right of wrong.

That was a mistake, holy crap. I didn't hit save before hitting publish, I'll work on it now.

From what I can tell, there is mention that the hatched drone received some sort of lesson about Twi and the princesses. If that were over the hive-mind then it is likely the hive-mind is a way of giving orders, and is not great for complex verbal communication. Just simple concepts and ideas portrayed.

'If this happens, do that.',
'If you see this pony, act like this.',
'When this time comes, do this.'.

That sort of thing.


The queen is the most important member of the hive, to the level that you never see any changeling without a disguise speak.

I don't get this.

I am sorry for the assumption but almost no writer that uses the hive mind even BOTHERS to explain his shit to anyone. It's a major sign of lack of creativity, worldbuilding, and originality. Most fanon interpretation of the hive mind is a species-wide propaganda directed by the downright evil queen tyrant who uses it for the purposes of world domination.

I will tell you one thing. I HATE THAT. The complete lack of originality, the staple hive mind and hive thing... they annoy me. Especially when it is clearly stated by the comics that the changelings are a kingdom and not a hive.

This time despite my comment actually being annoying ((i deleted the thread against the hive mind thingie cause i don't want bs nagging about it)) I actually cared enough to ask this question in order to see if the writer (you) actually had a legitimate explanation about it without blackwashing the notion of a union of thoughts and what it has to offer. I personally use the hive mind differently ((to the point I don't name that)) with its' main characteristic being empathy.

I just am tired that someone would assume the hive mind so naturally, the next thing is the ease with which bronies correlate changelings with zerg which i equally hate. In any case I have said my part. When next you respond to this I will proceed to read this, as there might be a few more things to be cleared.

Also correct me if I am wrong but you just said that Chrysalis is... dead?

5429870 Please rephrase what you said because although I might get what you are saying I do understand what you are writing.

I did not say chrysalis is dead.

I'm not equating changelings with Zerg. It isn't that paper thin.

What I replied with is as much as I'm going to reveal as to what I want this to be, part of story writing is revealing things slowly and methodically, branching into a much larger narrative.

I was making comparisons. I don't really want to debate it. As I said neither option is right or wrong, and there's a definite spectrum with how things can be. Nothing is 'pro hive mind' or anti 'hive mind'. There is so much in between.

5429890 I see. Well then as a writer you just gave me a reason to read this.

Comment posted by Lazy_ deleted Dec 27th, 2014

Since the hive mind is not a physical thing, everyone is going to view it differently so don't worry if you don't understand.

5429917 I am currently making a thread on some groups where I can discuss this absurdity that is the hivemind and give people the chance to actually explain it. You are free to join once I complete it. Which is soon.

I should have known about this story sooner, I'm glad I found it now.

I am SO happy to see this story updated! The ending of chapter three was freaking adorable!

I'm loving this. I can't wait for more.

yay, my prayers have been answered.

This story is good. I shall wait for next chapter.

I love this story so much. Thank you. Please do continue it.

3196019 I am reading this but there's a little problem. You say "the creature" too much. It's repetitive to the point that it kind of becomes boring. I am sure you could find a less "mouth filling" word. You could always refer it as "it".

Also... not that I know but it goes relatively fast from "I'm going to die" to "I'm going to live" so much that i don't believe the changeling is in actual danger. That is all.

5429890 If i'm allowed to I think this style quite fits what I'm trying to portray with a birth of a changeling. I mean what I'm trying to say is I'm trying to describe things from the point of a changeling being born, the development within the pod, and all that jazz. So... I'll send you my piece on it that I have ready and you can tell me your opinion on it.

Ples continu te stry er i wil nvr spek n prpr wrds agin

Rose be adorable!

Okay, I realllyy like this story and I don't know how it doesn't have more views and upvotes!

This definitely has a different approach to a changeling story, and I love it! :pinkiehappy: Upvoted, tracked and favorited!

...i have no idea anymore... i hope i get my thoughts straight

So, how big is Rose compared to ponies? I can't see her being any bigger than the Crusaders, seeing as she's only a month or two old by now.

Anyway, I can't wait for more :yay::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

In my version of Changeling biology, they do most of their physical growth inside the egg.
So I'd say she's about halfway between the adults and the young ponies.

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