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Yet Another Mask


Twilight asks Pinkie how she does all the stuff she does and Pinkie tries to explain it by explaining the nature of their world.

Inspired partially by the idea of CHIM from the Elder Scrolls games, one of the more meta things that doesn't crop up much in the games but very interesting.

And credits for the title image:
Sugar Cube Corner Kitchen vector by tdreyer1
Pinkie Pie Worried vector by Xigger
Pinkie... What? vector by thehellbean

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Comments ( 43 )

And then humans were Cthulhu.

This was quite nice. Madening but quite nice.

Sir your writings have not yet dissapointed me.

Ah, I just had to re-read it! :D

I like it.

I like it a lot. I don't see many of these types of stories. I'll recommend it to my followers.

Ow. You brained my damage.



Yeah, having your personal 4th wall shattered can be kinda mind-breaking. Question: have you read 1/0? I can probably dig up the link if you haven't.

I seem to recall a webcomic by that name I read a little of a while back. Never got too far in it though.

I'm sort of wondering just how Lyra would take this sort of revelation.

"Humans are real! ...but I'm not?!" *mind shatters*

Ah, CHIM. When you brought it up, I expected something a lot more deranged than what I actually got. The ideas are similar, but the language is a lot clearer and everything is explained to a much greater extent. But then, I expect a pony version of the 36 Lessons of Vivec or the Nu-Mantia Intercept wouldn't be appreciated by many people. Just imagine Pinkie saying such things..

"What is the Tower's Secret?
How to permanently exist beyond duplexity, antithesis, or trouble. This is not an easy concept, I know. Imagine being able to feel with all of your senses the relentless alien terror that is God and your place in it, which is everywhere and therefore nowhere, and realizing that it means the total dissolution of your individuality into boundless being. Imagine that and then still being able to say "I". The "I" is the Tower."

That seemed like a relevant passage. Anyway, it certainly wasn't badly written, even if it wasn't what I expected :twilightsmile:

WHAT IF NOTHING IS REAL? :twilightoops::applejackconfused::rainbowderp::fluttershysad::raritydespair::pinkiegasp:

HILARIOUS. I love it. I have a different way of explaining Pinkie's strange power, but this is a pretty good one right here. Mucho gusta from me!

How? Ho... OW! Brain hurts! Need reality and a fist full of asprinM

8.5/10 would read again

851643 actually i dont think lyra would get past the part of humans are real she probably wouldnt even care or understand the next part in that sort of state

851775 what if mlp was the real world and we was made up to entertain THEM???????:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp: 26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lju87eKoXS1qj6f0fo1_500.png

Are there more stories like this? If there are I NEED TO READ THEM!

Wonder how the others would take it lol

That end felt like the flashy thing in MIB, just pinkie pie style

SHIT! Whatever you do, don't tell Twilight about the matrix! She might just fry her brain!

FUDGE YES! I'm fine being the creation of a marshmallow-pony! Seriously, though, they must have some really dark minds to allow what happens in this world... screw it, i'm sticking with religion. Ponies can't be that evil.

852859 But then, who would be the main characters? Or would it have multiple shows? But then, who would be the characters of them? :rainbowderp:

And that's why I get slightly irked when, in HiE fics, the dumbass human tells them that they're made up for the amusement of alien overlords, and they don't even bat an eyelid.

Anyways, I really liked this. Maybe you could do one for each of the main cast?

this reminds me so much of the game Star Ocean till the end of time, and if pinkie wanted twilight to know she should have gotten the idea that being self-aware is whats really important to a life-form even if their based on data....no make that especially.

I never really played Morrowind all the way through, but that bit of lore was really interesting. SO MUCH META. EVERYWHERE.

And that's why instead you're supposed to say it's more like a movie made about their lives. See, then they feel like they're important and don't go into existential crises.

One over Zero
Basic premise is a comic without a fourth wall, but with self-consistent rules. Less Pinkie Pie zanyness, more characters wondering if they exist, and debating their existence with the author. It's a grand total of 1,000 comics, not too huge a read.

851637 You should do an entire story on how she tries to get her friends to understand this. I'd love to see Dash and Fluttershy's reactions. :rainbowlaugh:

I just might do that... Fluttershy's reaction would be fun, Dash's too. Rarity might be interesting but I'm not sure how I'd do Applejack...
Welp, we'll just have to wait and see if inspiration strikes. If it does, there just might be more. If not it stands pretty well by itself.

Amazing. :pinkiesad2: This exactly how I would've imagined such a conversation going. Strongly reminds me of "Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination", but decidedly less dark.

Poor Pinkie. The characterization of Pinkie is good (not quite enough Twilight actually doing things to tell about her for sure) and I love the concept and the way she's not bothered by it- just that nopony else seems to be able to handle it.

As to what if FiM is real and we're imaginary.....

That wouldn't be too bad, I think. I could like it.

Anyway! Good ficlet. Keep writing! :twilightsmile:

853212 heh...lol i agree ponys cant be that evil...but what if it was discord that started it tho?
853250 hmmm...confusion...

Okay that was awesome, so glad a friend linked me to this <3
Is it okay if I do a dramatic reading for my youtube channel please? I'll post links.

By all means go for it!
Never really expected to be asked somethin' like that.

Discord likes happy chaos. War and death ain't really his cup of tea. :scootangel:

Pinkie Pie at the end made me D'AAAAAaaawwwww. I could just imagine her sad/happy smile as she stares at the screen with her and Twilight on it.

Good story:pinkiehappy:

I only just read this, and I think that this is an amazing story. Serious but funny at the same time. Kudos :pinkiehappy:

851775 ...then everything is permitted

This oneshot is AMAZING!!
never played Morowind, I picked up TES when my friend got Oblivion (didn't get it myself,)
then I got Skyrim. I think I only get 1% of the lore. (maby not even that)

Need to see MOAR attempted meta explanations. My second favorte meta Pinkie is when Pinkie says she's realy Party Pony, made by Warner Bros, and explains that to her friends, during an intervention. It was on ED.

853212 Leave Inception and MIB out of the discussion as well, just to be safe?

This have just won the tittle of "best one-shot I have ever red"

"Well, Twilight, time for a comic relief! I should go and do it, it's gonna be fun! Remember: reality's an illusion, the universe is somepony's fiction, your character has a lot of growth to do, by-y-ye!"

But at the same time it is sad... If Pinkie can erase the whole timeline, she must be really insane :pinkiecrazy:!.. I know of a certain flower, who could.

I would probably not be surprised, were I to find out of our world's being a mere fruit of someone's imagination :pinkiecrazy:...

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