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In this story, the young archaeologist pony Daring Do teams up with an expedition seeking the ancient ruins of Zenith- a temple wrapped in South Equestrian mythology that has never been seen in recorded history. Plans for the expeditions all go to pieces as another party seeking to find the ruins for their own reasons soon present themselves: The Gryphons.

Aggressive and militaristic, the Gryphons seek the ruins to show that their species ruled over the continent during early history, proving their species' superiority. The interaction between the ponies and the gryphons does not go well, and Daring is left on her own, alone in the jungle. Will she be able to get back to safety? Will she be able to rescue her captive comrades? Just what are the trials of Zenith? Find out in this thrilling tale.

If adventure has a mane, it must be.... DARING DO!

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Daring Do narrowly escapes from an old foe, only to find herself going from the frying pan to the fire. An ancient evil, a population corrupted against their will, and an intimidating unicorn threaten not only a small island, but possibly the entire world. Will Daring Do and her filly companion make it off the island alive? Just what is this "Ivory Idol"? If adventure has a mane, it must be Daring Do!

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It's 1937, and Daring Do is at it again in this brand-new adventure. This time she must team up with old and new allies as she travels around the globe to track down the location of a lost empire buried beneath the desert sands for millennial. Things get heated once she realizes that she is not alone in this quest: an international group of raiders has their eyes set on claiming the big prize, and will go to great lengths to eliminate the competition. Thrills, chills and death-defying feats await Daring Do and her companions in this adventure.

If adventure has a name, it MUST be Daring Do!

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Daring Do has hit a snag. After attempting to reclaim the crown that once belonged to Princess Platinum of Unicornia she finds herself betrayed, endangered, and left with no prize to show for all of her efforts. At the request of Celestia herself, Daring sets off to reclaim the artifact from whomever scooped it up, which leads to grave danger! Daring must make an unlikely ally if she is to discover the new owner of the Platinum crown, and then recover it.

If adventure has a mane....... it MUST be Daring Do!

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