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*SEQUEL NOW OUT!* You can find it on my profile.

Twilight Sparkle has been sleeping more and more ever since her friends resealed Discord after he managed to escape from his stone imprisonment. Before he had been freed the second time, he was sending dreams to Twilight being romantic as the God of chaos possibly could be. He is able to charm her and make her fall in love with him.

Now that he's been resealed, Twilight has been sleeping so much just so she can see him again in her dreams. She is told by Nightmare Moon in her dreams (in the form of a riddle) that she can free Discord if she figures out the answer to the riddle. If she manages to break him free, what will her friends or family think about the two lovebirds being together? Could they become an out and about couple or would they have to stay secret lovers instead?

This is also my first FIM story, so please bear with me on this...

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Button Mash is about to propose to Sweetie Belle, witness how they met, their first date, and more as they start their new lives together. Learn about the lives of their friends and families along the way, and how it leads up to one of their biggest moments; getting married.

Please be aware that this was posted before Season 5 Episode 18, and I'm not willing to make changes.

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