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Hi I'm a new writer and I'm just having fun, also if there are any mistakes or things I could work on please tell me.

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Long ago in Equestria their existed a human with no memories of his past life or where he was. He quickly befriended Princess Luna and soon found himself married to her. Over the years of his new immortal life he discovered a flaw in Celestias so called 'harmony' and set out to correct the mistake.

Celestia did not see this as helpful, only a danger to her ponies. So she confronted the human, but the empire he had built was too great and she was forced to banish him.

Centuries later he has returned. Over the course of the years a new human had made herself known as well as an entire family of humans that now live in Ponyville. It's up to the human girl to stop the shadow King. But will she want to after hearing his true goal?

Set in an alternate Equestria where Nightmare Moon and Luna are separate beings and the Draconequi are still alive as a functioning empire.

Everything that happens in this story, no matter how random it may be, happens for a reason, remember that

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Equestria, a nation that prides itself with one of the strongest militaries in the world, has enjoyed a peaceful existence for the last three-hundred years. When the benevolent princesses of such a land discover that a large port city has been overthrown by not one, but two former villains, the princesses take matters into their own hands to ensure a prosperous existence for the residents. However, as a political approach towards the situation fails to yield desired results, the royal sisters take it upon themselves to forcibly remove the two reluctant queens from their newly acquired throne. That is, until they discover a certain human who isn't too keen on a hostile take over. Soon enough, the Equestrians will learn why one should never threaten a human or the ones he calls family.

This story is rate T for implied sexual situations, strong language, and gore and blood.
Story takes place in an alternate universe where Nightmare Moon is alive and the changelings have not been reformed.

This story was featured! Yay!!!

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With Twilight Sparkle's coronation comes new dangers, not from the outside, but from within. To keep her safe, Princess Celestia is forced to turn to a single prisoner for help, Saber Alabaster, an assassin. If Saber can gain Twilight, and the new temperamental captain's trust then they just might survive what's coming.

All characters are Humanized.

Cover art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Radan-the-rogue-483057845
Featured on: 9/26/16 HOLY SHITZ!

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Will Ivanov is an enigmatic high-school sophomore who is trying to live a normal life. One night, during an evening walk while on a family camping trip, he meets a strange magical stag who calls himself Kaidan. Kaidan endows Will with the ability to make any part of his imagination a reality, then sends the human teenager to the magical land of Equestria with a single, seemingly impossible mission:

Find and convince a Necromorph Blood Moon known only as Omega to forget consuming the ponies on Equestria.

Can Will find it within himself to put a stop to the wily Moon's plans? Or will it's plan accidentally catch him in the crossfire? Find out now.

Please note that there will be elements from different video games, books/book series, TV shows, etc. found throughout this story. This includes things like Halo, Dragon Ball Z, the Eragon series, and others.

Title suggestions very much appreciated!

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