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This story is a sequel to The Stars That Bind Us

Two weeks after the War against Sombra. Every creature are getting adjusted to their new lives after the war ended. Earth Leaders request an assembly meeting to renegotiate the Treaty between the two worlds. To discuss their relationship and to deal with loose ends.

Spike and Rachel were one of those leaders that were summoned to attend the meeting.

I know I have said i may not do this fic and honestly I didn't think I would. But after the idea got stirred up in my brain I can't stop.

Now warning this is a filler story for those who don't like fillers.

But something tells me you'll love this filler because parts of this story, I have been thinking for awhile. 💍💜💙💛

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Ah Hearth's Warming is upon Equestria, the best time of the year. To Spike however, it's his first Hearth's Warming with his human girlfriend Rachel. And he's all to excited about it, he plans on giving her a good gift when she comes over.

But he gets the startling news that Rachel wasn't coming, so what does the loving drake do?

He takes off to Fillydelphia to get to the bottom why Rachel isn't celebrating.

Now this is a Holiday Special, since I love Christmas, I decided to work on this piece to get ready for the holiday spirit.

Pinkie: Hey! You still got Thanksgiving to get through!

Ugh! don't remind me, double P, don't remind me. I just love Christmas more than Thanksgiving lol

Cover done by me :3, this story is all of it's own and only a side story

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