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After Twilight gets her Castle, she tries a spell that she had come across paths with. While in Canterlot, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the same spell. Once they all cast the spell at the same time, a strange thing happens; They all swapped bodies! Princess Luna was now Twilight Sparkle, Princess Twilight was now Celestia, Celestia was Luna. How long are they going to last this way? Will any of the Mane 6 or Spike notice that Twilight isn't acting as herself? Will the guards notice that Princess Celestia is not acting as herself? And Princess Luna was flying around when it was day time!?!? Everything would have been going well, if Trixie didn't come back to Ponyvile for a another match, and if Princess Cadance didn't need help at the Crystal Empire or That Applejack needed help at the barn and Princess Luna said she would help. Not knowing that Discord used his magic to spice up the spell.

(For The Body Swap Contest late on coming in .)

Edited by: MagicPegasus123
Written by: SonofThePoppyman
Story Idea By: Poppyman65

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