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Death 2 stories
  • Death 2 stories - 0 unread chapters Death isn't something to fear. Be a friend and do not shun nature.
    Created by doggogo1
    - October, 2020
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For the first Nightmare Night since her crowning ceremony, Twilight chose to organise a celebration of sorts in Canterlot. Some nobles suggested a play. Some, a parade. An end to the discussions came when Pinkie suggested both.

It came to happen, unfortunately, that just hours before the playrade one of the actors twisted his ankle. The one tasked with playing the role of Death. Once again, Pinkie came to the rescue with her own solution.

Twilight really wished she hadn't.

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After dying in a train crash, Twilight finds herself offered a deal by the Reaper: a game of chess for her soul. Twilight accepts, but there's something off about the game. Something she can't put her hoof on.

But the answer to that question is just perfect for who she is.

Cover art is from the Poets of the Fall album Clearview.

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