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Kitsune - Mythical fox spirits that are able to use magic and are often known for causing mischief. Unlike normal foxes, Kitsune has multiple tails. They start with one, but as they grow older, stronger and wiser, they earn more tails. The oldest, strongest and wisest are the nine-tailed kitsune...

When a small group of these strange creatures appear in Equestria, there can only be so many ways this could end. Led by a fox with seven tails, the skulk escapes to Equestria for a new home after they've lost their previous one. This is their story...

Thanks to the talented TP Night for the editing, proofreading, and overall help with the story.
Note: Although there is a slice of life tag, there will be some adventure moments throughout the story as well.
Edit: Featured 6/23/18!
Featured again 8/14/18! Thank you, everyone!

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