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Routine day with a dirt cheap brush, then a week goes by and it goes untouched. Then two, then three, then a month, and the rest of your life you beat yourself up. - Aesop Rock, "Rings"

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This is a story that no one will read. Because the story, like me, has no name. No title. With no title, one can’t discern what could possibly take place in this story. For them, the journey into such a story will be akin to that of one into the deepest of unknowns. Strange, disturbing, and full of uncertainty. Much like how life is.

Whether or not it is chosen to be acknowledged, this is my life. The life of a nameless pony. My life.

An experimental short-story written for One-Shotober. Pre-read by electreXcessive.

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Cozy Glow lives in a hole that goes a long, long, long way down into the dark.

In loving memory of Sunshine-Smiles. Forgotten, but never dead.

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