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Diamond Tiara does not want to see the dentist. Why would she? Dentist appointments are never fun. But when Diamond's appointment arrives, she finds herself wishing it were only as bad as just being "not fun."

Story revised on 2013, 10, 25 and again on 2013, 12, 01
Now available in Russian, thanks to Lonery.

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Octavia's day had started out as routine as any other. Wake, play at some garden party, eat and then come home. How then, did she end up here in the Everfree, fleeing from a monster intent on killing her?

Edited by Level Dasher.

Now with Audio Adaptation by Thornquill

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Rainbow Dash is not afraid of monsters.

But maybe she should.

Live reading by Solar Pony

Experimental fic, a mixture between words and pictures. Not your usual narrative.

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