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Rainbow Dash is not afraid of monsters.

But maybe she should.

Live reading by Solar Pony

Experimental fic, a mixture between words and pictures. Not your usual narrative.

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... and then John was a zombie.

That was seriously great.
I wish I was good enough to actually draw inlay illustrations. It really makes the fic so much more descriptive. Less is more really.

okay, now that was creepy.
good, but creepy... really really REALLY creepy... o.o

i'm just glad it's still 5:30 pm here >,>


Thanks! I also like the idea of illustrating the fics, because sometimes a picture can show what you have in mind more easily, Sadly, I still need a lot of practice and it takes a long time, so for now that's just a dream. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. And I hadn't noticed I had used that trope, by the way. Huh.


Gee, thank you. Although I think that being creepy with ponies is kinda difficult (if not downright impossible), I'm glad you think so of the story. That was the entire point of it, really.

This was really good! Really creepy, but so good!!!

2720455 11:05 P.M!! Not like say, I was planning to SLEEP tonight.. ehehe.. OH GREAT MY COUSIN'S B-DAY IS TOMORROW :raritydespair:

Woah. A unbelievable great story you made here, Sir.

Brain.exe has been rebooted. Initializing creepypasta memory block.:pinkiecrazy:

....that was deep...

I'm not sure whether I should be sad... or glad... that I can't see the pictures, based on how creeped out people are. :twilightoops:

Luckily (or not?), I'm at work and this computer blocks access to a lot of stuff, including, for some reason, the inline pictures. :facehoof:

I'll re-read the story when I'm at home, with pictures. Unless somepony warns me against doing that in the next 6 hours. :twilightsmile:


This is creepy?

I wrote something scarier than this in high school history class!

An in-depth report on Roman Emperor Caligula.

Now THAT was disturbing.


I... can easily see how an in-depth report on Caligula would be scarier, yes. That guy was nuts. Anyway, I've always thought that being creepy with ponies is extremely difficult (even more in a short story), so I guess that I was doomed to dissapoint somebody at some point.

Well, at least drawing was fun as hell.

3143561 You might have wanted to better make the metaphor of the 'monster' being Dash, make a more dramatic scene by strongly implying that the creature in the Everfree took over her body while still leaving it uncertain as to the possibility that it's only a symbolic epiphany for Dash.

However, that will require a foundation as to why she would consider herself a monster in the first place. Fear is not a good foundation for this, since all simple creatures feel fear, whether great or small.

Being afraid does not make one a monster. That's the biggest flaw I see with this story because it simply isn't true. But acting ruthlessly as a response to fear, or turning fear into hatred could.

It needed more depth to make a more complete and relatable metaphor.

There must be something inherent to herself that initiates self-doubt and worry of what she could become.

I like this, has a true appearance of a nightmare. The simple outline, as well as the way it was written. good job.

I don't care how old your comment is, that image just made me sick.

JEFF THE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2720598 Slenderpony, nice!

2721206 Better than 2:20AM

I realised that I've never read this story by you before.....dear lord.
That was....disturbing and creepy. But nonetheless really cool. I liked.
I'm not the one who reads stories like this often because mostly I don't enjoy them but this was entertaining....now just let me grab my axe of the wall and let me lighten up my room before I continue reading some stories....:pinkiecrazy:

3367661 Well then. I'm very sorry.

3369240 It's fine, I usually stay up that late anyways.

3375728 GAH! Jeff the Killer COLORED!

I like the picture book feel to it. You never get that in a fanfic.

This was odd, yet amazing.

I don't know if I'm more perplexed by the fact you have such messed up nightmares or that you draw so well that even a simple pencil-sketch can give me the chills. Then again, dead tree branches are the best nightmare fuel.

Please dream about more fucked up shit you can convert into an experimental fic.

Well I liked it. Oh never see picture story on fimfiction but you.

Oh, wow.

Wow, that's amazing. In fact, there should be more stories on here that have pictures like this :D

Well now I'm Very scared of monsters ...and you now.:twilightblush:

Let's see... What totally awesome acts of monster-banishment can I use here?

Ah, here we go:

He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts.
He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts.
He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts.
He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghosts.

Ten bucks to the person who can tell me what that's from.

4574353 You win!

*Bucks you ten times in the face*

... Well what did you think I meant by buck?:pinkiecrazy:

4574406 I expected nothing less! :D
(It is one of my favorite books!)

4574436 Then I think that you and me can be very good friends! :twilightsmile:

An interesting story, cool pictures, quite atmospheric. The new writing style was good.

All in all: A fine little horror story.

Great work!

Not bad.

Some nice rhythmic prose, good atmosphere, and the drawings were pretty good - the eyes especially, although some of the bodily proportions were off. Good fic, creeped me out a bit.

gud jeb

still not gonna follow you

Short and simple, but terrifying.
The pictures and the writing worked really well together. It felt like a dark picture book.
The formatting made some of the word be on diffrent parts of the pages, though.
The story felt perfect. It's simpleness was what made it so chilling, plus the fact that I empathized with Rainbow Dash when she realizes that she's scared when it really comes to facing monsters alone.
Even though it's a dark fic, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are perfectly in character. Twilight would tell Rainbow that everyone acts a certain way, and Rainbow would try to act differently, and fail.
Heck, it happended in the show with Twilight introducing Rainbow to books.
In all, this story was the best example of expiremental fiction I've seen.
Please keep on finding new ways to tell stories! :pinkiehappy:

Super eerie, well done, and a wonderful glimpse into madness.

My heart is pounding... G-Good Job m-man!

That's okay.

I wasn't planning on sleeping today anyhow.

Whilst reading this at 2 AM might not have been the best idea ever, I can only say, great job.
The pictures do their job perfectly, carrying emotions perhaps better than words could have done. If anything, it feels like the text is illustrating them rather than the other way around.
Truly outstanding.


Should come with a warning label.
Only to be read in a well lit room. Preferably not directly before bedtime.
It's... kind of chilly in here. Cold.

Oh god :rainbowderp:

That must've been a freaky as nightmare you had there

And then Rainbow Dash was a zombie.

Cheers for the fic!

God, i was getting scared halfway, then i saw those big pictures, and now im practically freaking out, *twitch* *twitch*

Author Interviewer

Super cool. :O


Dammit, PP, I just got an awesome live reading of this and I wanted you to review it in one of those blogs of yours. Is it too late now that you've already read it? Because the guy has VAs for Dash and Twi AND sound effects. And it's just ten minutes long! It's amazing!

EDIT:Wait. You commented on that video already. Uh. Cool then. WASN'T IT AWESOME. Now look at the rest of the pics, I guess. Or do nothing, hell if I know. Welp.

Author Interviewer

wow, look at this guy :V

So what if they are monsters! I say there is no point in being scared of them!



a few of the pictures wouldn't load, i don't know if thats a problem on my end or what

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