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I'm Not Obsessed; You're Obsessed · 8:51am Apr 6th, 2022

Delightful art that I coerced convinced the talented and guud bruu NekoJackun to draw.

Nah. I don't think it's ever going away~


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Been wondering when the next one was coming.
Thanks for posting.

Author Interviewer

I should've known you had something to do with this


nowz, hopefully

Nah. I don't think it's ever going away~


Congratulations on your gender-variant-ness, to whatever degree it happens to manifest (even if only in online spaces). :heart:

This is a question that demands an answer.

I've never played the games, but IIRC Bridget is pretty chill as long as you aren't actually mistaking him for a girl. And yet he keeps dressing like, well, you saw the picture. I think he might just be fishing for excuses to beat people up.

I too would like to know

Always a valid question.

... and then I followed the link and now I'm just sad. Thanks.

Femboys should be always.

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