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One-Year and Forty-Seven Minutes Anniversary · 9:14pm Dec 10th, 2012

Missed it by THAT much...

And Anthropology was first posted on December 17, I think? I can't remember, but that's when the first comment was. Technically I started writing it in mid-November or something but I have no idea when.

Anyways, it's hard to believe it's only been that long. I kind of miss that feeling back when the Feature Box was a huge deal and I was posting on Facebook that I'd made the Equestria Daily homepage (which is still a pretty big deal). Maybe I'll come up with something else to write during all this free time on Winter Break. Don't take that as an official declaration, since I still don't have any fully-formed ideas.

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Gratzorz! Let's get goin' to two years!

Congratulations to you! :twilightsmile:

Happy Anniversary to you! :pinkiehappy:

Anthropology sequel.

Ermagherd! I finally got a notification for a blog post!

On topic, it's been a year since Anthropology started? We're that young? :twilightoops:

I would approve of just about anything, given that you've proven you don't write bad stories. I'm feel mildly ashamed of some of the fanfics I've been reading lately... I think this might be becoming a problem.

Anyway. That's just my two cents.

Ah, the nostalgia. Definitely the definitive Lyra character development fic.

Happy anniversary.:pinkiesmile:

It's fine, you're OK for 24 hours! Just relax and roll around in the big pile of Thumbs-ups or whatever it is you successful writer types do!

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: :yay: :twilightblush: :rainbowlaugh: :raritystarry: :eeyup:

595081 Psssssst! I believe this is a good idea.

595255 We should pester him forever until he gives in. :pinkiehappy:

595255 WTF is with your avatar?

Comment posted by Shpoople96 deleted Dec 10th, 2012

This week is my 1 year anniversary being a Brony. I remember seeing your fic on the New Fic list when I started reading and one of the first I commented on

Collared. Willingly...

what about half formed ideas ? they might work to start with something ?

595371 Is that why she's blushing ever so slightly?


I suppose this is a bad time to ask for the last 5 chapters to be rewritten
to be more Ghostbusterly.

A rag tag band (an actual band) of teens and early 20 somethings
race into a nearly abandoned NYC dodging the ineffectual military
to use the alien talismans in a rock musical counter-attack against the
mad god of chaos with Lyra's guitar solo.

Anthropology remains one of my favorites. Would be really excited to see anything you write regardless of subject matter. Of course I'd like something with Lyra and Bon-Bon since you do those two so well...Maybe reversing the circumstances of most of your stories? With Bon-Bon being the wilder and less responsible one and Lyra the human-doubting serious one? Regardless though, will be hoping you do something!

And wearing a Christmas hat! :yay:

Congratulations! May many more years of this come.
I agree with this! We will ask him, until he agrees to write it or we die trying.

Congrats on a year! ...and yes, you must:coolphoto: CREATE!!!


back when the feature box was important

....now there is no feature box :fluttercry:

It's sneakily hidden on the front page.

Another congrat!

595581 Which is great... if you ever go to the front page... I haven't gone there except by accident in months. Glad that it isn't completely dead though:pinkiesmile:


I've actually got two kind-of-ideas for Daring Do fics... One is about Lyra and the other doesn't actually have Daring Do in it. :applejackunsure:

Lyra should have a bonus chapter for its Anniversary :pinkiehappy:

Huh, another writer just celebrated this too, just a week ago

Just finished Anthropology yesterday. I did NOT expect the shift about a third the way thru. Beatific and fun(ny) fic!

You should write a oneshot about Lyra bringing her sister to Canterlot for Christmas.
That's all I want for Christmas.

then what makes the second one a daring do fic?:rainbowhuh:

Congrats! Anthropology solidified Lyra's position as my favorite background pony! Huzzah! :yay:

Congrats on a year and some change. :pinkiesmile: Anthropology definitely inspired me a bit about our favorite minty-green background pony. :raritywink:


Neither of them are very well developed, like I said. One would be a very non-serious story about Lyra and Daring Do exploring human ruins. If you're familiar with "Human Studies 101 with Lyra", it would be similar to that - completely wrong interpretations of everything. The other would be Rainbow Dash accompanying Twilight on an archaeological expedition, expecting it to be like a Daring Do adventure even though Twilight insists actual archaeology is nothing like that. Of course, it eventually DOES become an action-adventure.

The Twilight/Rainbow story would need a lot of fleshing out, but I'd like to do that one. I can see the Lyra story being a one-shot.

WOO~! HAPPY ONE YEAR AND FOORTY-SEVEN MINUTE ANNIVERSARY! (give an hour and 27 minutes or so)

597773 And in the ruins that Twilight and Rainbow Dash explore, they find mysterious statues of Lyra and pictographs showing Lyra being worshiped by humans which explains why Lyra wants to find the humans. To rebuild her human army and take the Equestrian throne! :pinkiegasp: :trollestia:

December 17th? That's my birthday!

I could help u right a sequal

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