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New birb, who dis? · 9:43pm Nov 17th, 2021





I've been slaving away at this semi-secretly for a couple of months now, finally decided it was time to see this pretty hippogriff I came up with in my head with my own eyes. And I didn't even do it all by myself! I got as far as figuring out the shape of her hairstyle, but I couldn't pick a color palette to save my life. I reached out to an artist named Feath (you can find them on Twitter! @feathhhngg) and got help settling her color palette (test image included) along with a commission!

Designing characters is hard. I have no idea how people do it regularly. Even with a base model to work with, actually figuring out the details of how a character looks? Hats off to artists, man. Maybe it was just the fact that I didn't do it myself, but they got the color palette I was looking for pretty much on the first try.

I am very obsessed with her right now and will likely be breaking the bank on commissions because holy CRAP I am so happy with how she turned out! Ty is a lucky boy.

Oh yeah and the next chapter is dropping tomorrow. Hope yall are ready!

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This is indeed birb.

As someone who started off drawing before I ever took up writing, I’m used to designing characters. Usually cutie marks are the hardest part but that’s because those are always tricky, semi-guided things to work out. A lot of writers on here definitely don’t have the knack, since I’d run out of hands if I were to count all the times I’ve found writers who don’t describe their OCs enough to make them stand out or leave a complete impression in my head as a reader, and then there are those who have obviously never done concept art because their character descriptions are too much to the point of being on the opposite end of the spectrum of nonsensical character designs.

Birb is the worb papapaumamaumau papaumamaumau

Pretty bird

such a pretty birb

Jack cannot stop thinking about... her.

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