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Dreams' Horizon - Book Two author's notes · 2:13pm Nov 6th, 2021

The second leg of the journey is over, and the third and final one is ahead.

Book 2 was when the main plot of this story really came into focus; character arcs for the supporting cast, the reveal of some of Luster's backstory, and of course major revelations on what is happening with Sunset Shimmer and what this story is really about.

I'll be honest, it kinda started to irk me a little that some commenters were annoyed by how long it was taking me to reveal the twist of the parallel dimension internally. I'll say simply - it is obvious to readers because this is a work of fiction and parallel universes are common, and Sunset in particular already features in media about a parallel dimension. Internally, it is a major leap in logic to go from "I am having unusually vivid dreams about a person I've never met" to "I am somehow communicating with someone in another dimension in my dreams". Twilight had to take that journey to investigate what was happening and figure things out. But I want to emphasize, while I was a bit put-off by a couple standalone comments, I am overall very grateful to everyone who comments on this fic. I can tell you guys are engaged and interested in the main mystery of Sunset and are enjoying the narrative involving Twilight and her friends as well, and I am very happy for that.

I began to flesh out the supporting cast much more in this arc. I am really proud of the five mares I'm growing, their group dynamic has grown in (what I feel is) an organic manner and writing pretty much any scene of them chatting comes easily to me. I'm also taking care to detail that they have lives outside of Twilight and what she sees of them, and they have their own relationships with each other too. I'm particularly proud of Luster Dawn. I feel like I've taken that rough template for a character the series finale gave us and turn it into a layered and interesting character, and I hope you've enjoyed the result.

As before, I'll be taking a hiatus. Book 3 has a rough outline of plot points to hit that need refinement, but I overall know where this story is going and how to go there. That said, I'll be honest - while I still love writing this story and am enthused about what is to come, I dunno when I'll come back to it. I have other things going on in my life that I enjoy doing as well, and they are of greater importance to me. I'm also a bit bummed the story has not been the huge success I hoped for, but then pony is on hiatus and people are drifting away, that is to be expected. Also, I've been writing Book 2 for a solid year now, so burnout may just be a factor, and in January I'll be super-hyped to return to it. Or I may return in April. What I will not do is leave this story to die. You have my word.

I emphasize this blog is leaving Book Two on a positive note - I am happy with how it turned out, I'm ecstatic you guys have enjoyed it, and I'm eager for what is to come. Thank you everyone for reading, and I'll see you in Book Three. :twilightsmile:

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You're writing something you're passionate about and sharing it all with us. As a fanfiction reader, that's what I come here for. And helping you refine it has been a joy. Even if there's a lot of setup, the characters have been pleasant enough to keep me wanting to see the next part come out.

See you in book three!

Gotta say, I'm looking forward to what comes next.

And if 'the thing in the void' becomes a recurring force now that it's aware of Twilight.

I’ve loved what’s happened so far, see you when you return

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