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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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Midnight Rising done; next up is Nightmare Night · 9:15pm October 14th

But before I address that, I want to touch on my previous blog posts regarding my attempted defiance of a workplace vaccine mandate. They generated a ton of comments which, at least for the most part, were fairly civil despite vehement disagreement. For that, I thank all concerned. It's a rare thing nowadays.

At this point, I'm not going to reply to them, except to say that I was completely appalled by how many people were willing to force other people to get a vax shot and exclude them from society otherwise. It’s a very dangerous attitude to have and one that’s been severely misused to justify all sorts of unsavory behavior throughout history. And all this for a virus that has a nearly 100% survival rate if you're young or otherwise healthy, and using experimental technology whose long term effectiveness and side effects are categorically not known. I saw the full litany of argument fallacies from appeal to authority to attempts to dismiss entire posts by nitpicking one minor point. But sorely tempted though I was to jump in, I didn't.

I consulted a lawyer over my workplace mandate, and was basically told that I was up shit creek. That with current US Government EEOC guidance and Biden's coming (and completely unconstitutional) OSHA regulatory mandates backing them, the firm I work for has the high ground. That although he agreed their legal basis was shaky in my instance, there was no quick fix for me unless I claimed a religious exemption, which would be a lie that requires others to lie for me. That I'd have to basically bankrupt myself of every single cent of savings, credit, and equity I have if I wanted to puruse a court case for an uncertain chance of success. That realistically, the only people that have a chance of challenging administration-backed mandates in court are state governments and large private organizations like unions, who have sufficient resouces to fight it out with the Feds.

And that being the case, I had but two real options: knuckle under, or do what many first responders across the country have already done—accept dismissal. But they have unions backing them and active court cases with at least some chance of success.

Here's something that I did not make clear before: I am, in fact, vaccinated. I'm double-dosed; I got the Pfizer vaccine back in April. At the time, I thought it was reasonably safe and effective. At the time, I thought it would help restore normalcy. I no longer believe any of that to be the case, and I also think we're being lied to as to its effectiveness and the incidence of side effects. If I could take it back, I would, but I can't. I promise I won't be getting a booster, though.

Regardless, since I've already gotten it, the attorney told me point blank--the real legal profession is nothing like Ace Attorney--that refusing to report my status was not the hill to die on. So after mulling it over, I submitted my status with proof of vaccination under severe protest, and returned to the office with coworkers for the first time yesterday. I will instead milk my current job dry of yearly benefits and then look for a new job in the new year, eventually leaving on my own terms with a middle finger to this firm I no longer respect on the way out the door.

Folks, I am personally over worrying about the virus. I happily flout mask mandates whenever I think I can away with it, which is most places at this point--the gym doesn't care, and neither do most shops and restaurants I go to. And if you think I'm somehow playing Russian Roulette, know that even though I'm vaccinated--and isn't claiming that the vaccinated are endangered by the unvaccinated an admission that the vaccines don't work?--I fully expect to get COVID some point.

And when I do? Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc and Vitamin D. I'll get it and get over it, and then I'll have natural immunity--the only real kind. If you're young and/or healthy, the stats are clear that you really don't have much to fear from it for the most part. My brother's family all got it and had nothing more than mild to moderate cases they got over in a week or two. Ditto for my gym partner's son, who had just one or two flu-like days before recovering.

That is my final word on the subject. People want to argue it out, that fine as long as it's civil, but I'm out of the debate. This is my say, and you're not budging me off it. Now back to writing.

With two Midnight Rising chapters now released, the aim is to have two Nightmare Night chapters ready in time for Halloween. I don't know if I can make this deadline, but helping will be the fact that I have all next week off--my first real vacation in a while. If I succeed in getting more than one done, then I will release the chapters a couple days apart over Halloween. There are two final M-rated scenes to get through before Sunset arrives and the story climax begins--Flutterbat/Nightmarity/Discord and something special Cyber Belle wants to do for Spike, with a bonus tweak of Nightmarity along the way that only Cyber Belle could get away with.

You'll also see the latest chapter of Midnight Rising start to play into Nightmare Night as our recently arrived Juniper Neptune--whose memory of MR events remains missing--gives her perspective on her former relationship with Delta and the role of the High Priestess in one of the intermission scenes I use to break the M-rated action up.

And after all this... I'm going to spend the month of November trying my hand at a M-rated EqG story commission I promised another reader. More on that later, however.

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Two NMN chapters before Halloween will be tough but I'll give you all the help I can, Sensei!

Comment posted by Maudika deleted October 15th


Look, I definitely understand where people are coming from but when your freedom puts other people in danger like that I really can't find it in me to sympathize. Sorry.

And I can show you plenty of people who masked and isolated and still got it. My brother’s family contracted it when their kid brought it home from school despite everyone being masked. In other words, masks don’t work--It’s an airborne respiratory virus; it’s going to spread like one and the typical store-bought mask does squat against it. In fact, forcing people to mask up, isolate and lockdown makes things worse because you’re denying them immune boosters like fresh air and sunlight; making them breathe their own exhaust fumes. You’re also forcing them into close quarters, which is how it spreads.

I go to the gym several times a week without a mask, as well as eat in crowded restaurants two or three times a week. I’ve done this since March without issue, and you can be sure that if there WERE issues with doing that, cases would have spiked and those places would have been shut down. But there isn’t, so they’re not. I especially love how it’s okay to take your mask off when you eat as if the virus knows it’s not allowed to infect you then. Or at work, where we can take our masks off at our desks, when we’re the most bunched together but have to put it on when we move around and we’re not. The rules are nonsensically stupid and I’m through listening to them. When enough people do, that’s when they’ll finally lift them.

If folks want to hide inside behind multiple layers of masks for a virus that really isn’t dangerous if you’re young or healthy, then they should feel free. :twilightsmile: But me, I’ll live my life. Unlike that guy you describe, I played by the COVID rules for over a year, only to learn they lied to us repeatedly and continue to do so just so they can keep their control over us. I don’t believe anything they say at this point, and neither should you. Florida didn’t lock down for Delta, and their case counts are now plummeting despite a total lack of mandates while those places like Israel with a very high vaccination percentage were hit hard.

Conclusion: neither masks nor vaccines work, and we should focus our efforts (as Florida did successfully) on mitigation efforts--early treatment with monoclonal antibody treatments and the like to keep illnesses mild and people out of the hospital. That’s far more effective and far less destructive to lives and business than these draconian rules that have done next to nothing to halt the spread. So sorry, I reject that I put other people in danger by refusing to obey rules that both common sense and a year-plus of experience have taught me do nothing but keep people cowed and fearful.

Anyway Looking forward to the next updates:yay:

Anyway, looking forward to not talking about this and just creating more clop. :rainbowwild:

snd when the government does the same. a family went in for flu shots and got covid shots instead. two were kids around 5 years old and those kids now have heart problems. problems they may have to live with the rest of their lives. imagine not being able to do the things you loved because some nurse in a WALGREENS gave you the wrong drug. All for a virus that even the elderly have a 95% chance to survive.

You all got covid...YOU STILL BREATHE. which means you survived and now have better protection then some vaccine gave you.
The Nuremburg Code was made FOR A REASON. And we see that reason show up again.

Stop letting fear and paranoia control you

I'm looking forward to reading the Nightmare Night chapters. I have no idea what the situation with Spike and Cyber Belle is. In regards to the rest of the post I have my own opinions but I don't think stating them here will do anyone good. Since I don't live in the U.S. my situation is very different.

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