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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Wednesday
    Preston Garvey In Equestria

    "Twilight, another settlement has a friendship problem. It needs your help."

    Would Twilight fall in love with Preston Garvey with or hate him? How would the ponies react to this man who's obsessed with settlements? Would Princess Celestia fall in love with him?

    I feel like it needs to be a story.

    4 comments · 36 views
  • Tuesday
    OP Ponies holding back?

    I get it, there are stories where ponies are absolute jerks with insane magical power. Who abuse it over puny humans. But what do you think of ponies holding back and being actually gentle? They have the ability to easily wipe out humanity, but they simply don't do it because they actually have compassion and empathy.

    Would overpowered ponies become more acceptable then?

    12 comments · 77 views
  • Monday
    Chapter 2 Released

    I just released a chapter for Pinkie Pie Friendship Unit. A fairly big one. At least 4200 words long.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    0 comments · 38 views
  • Saturday
    Pinkie Pie Friendship Unit

    I am thinking about making a potential light-hearted post-apocalyptic story. I will actually put effort into it. (at least as much I can) Let me know what you think of the premise.


    Read More

    4 comments · 43 views
  • 1 week
    Survival strategies

    What would be some good survival strategies as a human in Equestria?

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    18 comments · 90 views

So what am I good at in writing? · 9:29am October 3rd

I know, me... Bendy is not the best of writers out there. I often write really dumb stories with poor grammar, robotic dialogue, or whatever. Yet somehow, I managed to get a rather large following here on fimfiction even though I'm a trash writer.

With all that said, what am I good at in my writing? I like to hear your point of view on the matter, my followers.

Report Bendy · 104 views · #writing
Comments ( 19 )

You have spectacular output with stories, your work is entertaining, and you've got good tastes

What's more to be said? X3

And I'm the one-stop shop for giant growing pony stories lately for the most part. XD

Anyway, thanks. I just seeking the opinion of others. I like to know why my followers happen to like me and my stories. I value the opinions of others.

Y'all not young anymore huh

Age is just a number :trollestia:


I'm a wooden robot. I live forever, meatbag. "Drinks beer."

Given the content you write, that don't sit well with me.

You do got yourself a life, right? Like a normal one?

You mean *Drinks beer*.

And speakin of which, might wanna put down the Bud fam.

I wonder why you even follow me then? I NSFW/ semi trollfic writer.

And no I don't have a life.

Edit: I just released that was not addressed to me.

Work 40hrs a week, own a house, have a few friends in the area, and busy myself with various hobbies

If that's considered a normal life, I'd say I have one

I'd say you're the one that needs a drink if you workin' 40 hours a week. Where that follow button at?
Meh, I watched Futurama a few times.

I not drinking at the moment at any rate. (Plus drink a less lot beer these days) Plus bud is only okay. I prefer Guinness a lot more.

A man of culture.

Nah, I'm playin. I don't drink.

Your stuff makes me smile and laugh. You unapologetically write what you like and enjoy, and it shows in your work.

Yeah. I write stuff even I know it will get dislikes. So, that's a good thing in some ways.

I like big growing ponies... even if lots don't like them.

Let the haters hate. Write what you like and if people wanna dislike it, fuck 'em... right in the ear, so they can hear you coming.

Your random comedy has always been a delightful treat. You write the joke and don't bother making it "realistic". A futa robot Celestia could pop in unannounced and be slapped by Braniac and it'd be alright since nothing is supposed to follow logic.

Realism does not make much sense when dealing with magical ponies. That said, realistic reactions tend to make a story rather good. Unless it's a pure silly one.


People read your stuff regularly AND comment on it, don't they? That's much more than 80% of authors can say when it comes to their stories, so... :unsuresweetie:

Now, are there authors who can spew much more elaborate narration and write better? Sure, but you're still a hell of a lot better than 90% of writers here, so be proud of that.

On a related note, how the f*ck can you spew 1000+ words story every day?! I want your superpower :trollestia:

Sometimes. I use voice-to-speech to write using google. Can be fun sometimes. But I do fill the gaps since google sometimes has a hard time reading my accent.

Other times, I get help when I'm stuck. Co-writer/editor etc, don't always get help, but it's nice. I sometimes want to be a lone wolf.

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