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Sneak Peak! · 4:34am September 9th

Twilight giggled, an insane sound that bounced off the ruined walls of the destroyed library. “You’re one to talk,” she rasped. “You enjoy the love of all our ponies. The beautiful, bright, and benevolent Princess Sunset. What about poor Princess Twilight? The one who slaves away behind the scenes, making sure that everycreature is safe? Does she not deserve Equestria’s love too?”

“I’m not going to play this game with you again, Midnight.” Sunset snapped, digging her hooves into the stone as the dark alicorn held a hoof up to her face aloofly, almost as if she were rating a manicure, “Return Twilight to me. Now.” Just a little longer, Twily, Sunset promised in her mind over and over again, as if it’d bring her strength. “This is your last chance.” She hissed.

“Luna Selene Solaris!” The stallion yelled out before glancing to his list again, eyes darting across the page. “Along with Celestia Terra Solaris! Proceed to the next room!”

“See? I told you we’d get in!” Celestia jabbed her sister with a plume, grinning,

Sorry for TAW readers who see this tagged, I'm tagging TAW because the story isn't up yet and can't be tagged, but here, have a sneak peek!

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Honestly this gives more fuel to write all my sunset is better then twilight fic's. :eeyup:

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