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living situation (pt. 3) · 2:05am January 20th

this will be our last update unless something goes right or majorly wrong

we still do not have a reliable place to stay. we know someone who has said we can stay with them, but it doesn't seem like they are going to come through for us. we have an interview with two potential renters tomorrow, but we are scared they will not work out.

currently we also do not have anywhere to store our things. we do not have much, but our books take up a lot of space.

this is the only time we will directly ask for financial assistance in regards to our housing/living situation for the foreseeable future. while we are always much happier to work for our money, at present we may not even have somewhere to sleep by tomorrow. at present we cannot in good conscience accept any more commissions until our housing situation is resolved.

if you can help at all, we are accepting donations on our ko-fi, or directly on paypal, at ntsts0@gmail.com. any money we gather currently will be going toward paying for rent and moving assistance, or will be used for interim accommodations, like a hotel/motel.

also for the record, we fully intend to complete all the commissions currently in our queue. just because we are in a dangerous situation does not mean we are going to leave anyone hanging. as soon as we have somewhere to sleep safely and write again, we will be back to focusing on our work. please be patient with us while our life falls apart again.

we're sorry

edit: please signal boost if you can

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Sorry about the financial and home situations:ajsleepy:

Sorry to hear that.
I wish I could help more

Luck be with you. Catch ya soon

Boosting this now.

Best of luck to you darf, Hopefully you find a way to come through all this.

Don't have an audience to boost to, but I chipped in some via ko-fi. Good luck.

So do you have a family or do you always refer to yourself as 'we'?

Luck, darf. You deserve to be safe from bullshit.

The latter. darf has dissociative identity disorder (DID), known as multiple personality disorder in layman's terms. It helps them to use "we" as a pronoun.

Signal boosted, and good luck to you.

(Unfortunately, while I do know of a room you might have been able to rent (couldn't promise anything, but the landlord's a friend), it's on the east coast of the United States, and I gather from looking back that you're on the west coast of Canada. I'm mentioning it here just in case I gathered incorrectly, though.)

This comment was actually super helpful. I was trying to send some cash via paypal and it auto converted to CAD and I wasn't sure why. So, thanks for the geo-save!

Oh! Well, glad I was able to help in a way I wasn't even intending; thanks. :)

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