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  • Thursday
    Just binged Masters of the Universe: Revelation part 2

    tbh i really feel like they were trying to make up for all the criticism of part 1 lmao

    SPOILERS AHEAD. Just a bullet-point list, but still.

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  • Thursday
    now have a mildly cursed part of the next chapter that i've just written.

    yes, this comes right after the previous snippet.

    "Oh. Oh. First the puppy eyes, and now this?" Hitch groaned. "Please don't be like Sunny. I already know plenty about what happened in the dungeons."

    "I said that was a joke!" Sunny grumbled. "You really held onto that all this time?"

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  • Wednesday
    i will not elaborate any further.

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  • Wednesday
    About: Tonkus

    Tonkus, who goes by a number of pseudonyms purely out of boredom, is a largely self-taught author with six years of experience in writing fanfiction centered around pastel-colored horses. He also writes original fiction on the side largely as an offshoot of his fanfictions. And by "offshoot", he means that he's recycling Zoey as a character for the nth time since he was in middle school. Why does

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  • Wednesday
    wanna watch me be a boring person for 15 minutes straight?

    'cause i was so uninteresting that I crushed over an hour of footage into 15 minutes for your viewing displeasure.

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Hey hey, sorry for the radio silence on Pony-Me and Splintershard lately. Have an out of context line from the chapter I'm plotting out right now. · 8:16am January 3rd

Lisa, sadly, has to abandon her oatmeal.

Comments ( 8 )

goodbye oatmeal, you will be missed ;~;

That poor oatmeal is probably cold and moldy by now, and Lisa is still hungry

They say don't cry over spilled milk... But they didn't say anything about spilled Oatmeal! :raritycry: :raritydespair:

This is so sad :fluttershysad:, alexa play despacito

I think you might need to add a “sad” tag because of this. I am crying from this sentence alone. (Being able to cry on command is really helpful.)

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