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Joe Biden is not my president. · 7:45pm Nov 7th, 2020

I'd be very confused if he was.

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Comment posted by Grahf deleted Nov 7th, 2020

So would I. I'm 99% sure that's not how the Revolutionary War worked. :derpyderp1:

2020, man. Anything is possible.

I think you may have missed the joke.

Joe Biden wants to be your President, though.

Wydril #7 · Nov 7th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Well, yeah. Inauguration isn't until January. He's President-elect until then, not President.

Wanderer D

5393864 Archonix is not American. That's the joke/point here.

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.


Archonix is not American. That's the joke/point here.

Ah geez, I must have missed that in my copy of Archonix: The Man, the Myth, the Legend. Better read the early chapters again, I guess. I really liked the foreword by Nicholas Cage.

I had never, to that point, believed that any man could express so much with just the letter A, repeated for two pages.

Aaaaa. A! A a a. AAA! AAaaaAAAA! Aaa.

that's right. all A. Not the B's.

I'm groaning in existential agony, thanks.

As Archie and I have pictures of the same lady on our money, I can make a similar declaration, without it being a political statement. But I do hope all there will be a civil and orderly transition to the new administration for all my friends south of the border (and for the rest of us on this weary planet who desperately need just one or two really boring news cycles!)

To be honest I didn't even try to keep up with the campaigns (after all, I'm not a Yank), but I'm fairly certain that a dead badger would have been a better choice than the Orange Man-Child.

The curious thing is that Mexican bot farms were apparently quite busy working for Trump, and are now quite busy quenching any celebration of Biden's victory. Just visit the social networks of Mexican news outlets.

You'd be surprised how many people outside the US kept up with it. Over on reddit, during the election megathreads over in the politics subreddit, there were way more people who were clearly from the UK, or Canada, or elsewhere following it than I'd have guessed.

The fact that it was the possibility of Trump being brought down probably helped drive interest.

I'm not surprised about worldwide interest in the US election. What mildly surprised me was that Mexican bot farms continue to defend Trump to the last, and attack the legitimacy of the Biden win; which coincides with the official Mexican position, where the Mexican President has stated that he will not congratulate Biden until Trump has lost all appeals and whatever. So, international meddling in favour of Trump.


What mildly surprised me was that Mexican bot farms

Were they in league with the Himalayan basket-weaving monks, and was this before or after you spoke with Bigfoot?

You say I'm crazy? That bot farms aren't real?
Do an image search for "twitter fake followers audit lopezobrador". Image search so you can get something of a history of results rather than the current result. That account has peaked at around 64%, but his bot farms came to light when he foolishly criticized Twitter for allowing his opponents to use bots against him, then Twitter immediately answered by firing (on May 6 this year) a bot scan stating that his own account had 61.1% (4,216,994) fake followers.
Even more damning, more than half of these bot accounts rapidly became active after the scandal. Despite his account having only gained a quarter million more followers, a cool 2.5 million of his inactive followers suddenly became active, so his Twitter scan currently reads 74% real.

More evidence?

  1. Go to Facebook.
  2. Search for centre- or right- leaning Mexican news sites within (El Universal, Aristegui Noticias, Carmen Aristegui, Lopez Doriga, El Mañareno(yes: he's a clown), Ciro Gomez Leyva, Forbes México, et al).
  3. Open any news whatsoever. Can be about rain in South East Asia or about Mayor League Baseball or about the international price of oil.
  4. Go to the comments. Look for comments having absolutely nothing to do with the news presented, criticizing the newspaper, blaming anything under the sun on political opponents, chatter about nothing at all, and plenty of prayer for President AMLO.

Greenpeace is treated like an enemy too. Anything they say becomes drowned with name calling and comments saying "but you didn't say anything previously" and bullshit like that.

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