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    What are your thoughts on Bleach?

    You know, this guy:

    Bleach looked over, watching as the Arabian picked the filly up. He sweated nervously and looked at Bleach.

    He shook his head. “Please, sir! S-She is only five!”

    Bleach bit his lip. He didn’t like this part of his job, but work was work. “I’m sorry sir. But you know how the Blade works.” He pulled out his revolver crossbow and aimed it at the two.

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  • Today
    Blackmailed! (Pharynx Edition)

    *Smirks and walks up to Pharynx* “Oh Papa Pharynx~ look what I found~”

    “Hm? Oh, what the?!”

    “Heheh, so, how to tell Tempest about this?” *holds up Tempest body pillow* “Heh, you are one sad bug. Tempest flashing her marehood? Such imagery. I bet Tempest or maybe Venom would love to hear about this.”

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  • Today

    *Walks up to Thorax* “Hey, Uncle Thorax?”

    “Hm? What is it?”

    “Does Auntie Ember know you have this?” *holds Thorax’s Ember body pillow up*

    *Blushes furiously* “H-How’d you find it...?”

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  • Tuesday
    New Story Idea

    Hero being tickled. By who? I have no idea. Still.

    *Breathes in*


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  • Tuesday
    Hell isn’t Better

    *Zenex has been slaying demon after demon, watching them fell beneath his hooves. However, he found himself bored. After all, slaying demons only got so fun*

    *Sigh* “Spiders, imps, lost souls, ravagers, what else?”

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Fang Gang Shorts #45 · 5:28pm August 12th

A group of Devil Horn marched through the tree of White Tail. Dagger looked over to Mantis. “I’m just saying dude, if you’re gonna ship somebody, then why wait?”

“You have a lotta things wrong with you...”

“Yeah, yeah, I love you too buddy.”

As they continue to march, one of them sets off a trap. The sky goes blood red as signal spells shoot into the air, briefly blinding the soldiers.

“Ah crap!” Dagger yelled, putting his hoof in front of his face.

“Oh buck, it’s a trap!” Mantis called out.

Mitchell looks at Dagger, helping him up. “We’ve been spotted! Come on!”

“Explosion spells! It’s a trap!”

As they run, the ES strikes the ground like thunder, knocking trees over and sending Devil Horns flying. Dagger looked around, watching as many of his friends are hit by blasts.

“Move it! Get up that hill!” Mitchell called out. “Left! LEFT!”


Mitchell leads the soldiers towards the hill. “Get up that hill!”

Dagger follows behind. Just as soon as he reaches the top, two consecutive hits of explosion spells knock him off balance and a third sends him off the other side. He falls down the rocky cliff, hitting the side and rolling in between impacts before finally hitting the ground...

Dagger immediately shot up from his bed, before putting his head in his hooves and bursting out into tears.

Report MlpHero · 30 views · Story: Blue Fang · #Dagger #Mantis #Mitchell
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Comments ( 17 )

Wow. Even Dagger isn’t safe from night terrors.

Nope, unfortunately.

Aww, poor Dag...he needs a hug

Yeah... maybe two

Yeah. Where is he so I can give him hugs?

Probably cooped up in his room.

Or crying. Or both.

Aww...poor thing...I'm coming Dag!

Sleeping + Crying... Creeping?

Yeah. *Rushes off to hug him*

Maybe it’s best not to disturb him for now...

*Stops* Er...fair point. I'll hug him later

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