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I am very happy with this. · 2:56am April 5th

That is all.

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I'm happy that you are happy with this :twilightsmile:

Oh right, that started. Came out of the blue for me, no clue it was happening.

I don't understand what this mean, but I love Digimon so I let this confused pass by.

Wanderer D

5236083 The new series started today

Wanderer D

5236082 Yeah, they were doing a "real end" for Digimon and Digimon 2, then this one was coming out.

It's ya boy Greymon :pinkiegasp:

I thought they already made a sequel series, Digimon Tri?

Don't know how I should feel about that. One, its more Digimon and I'm always down and happy for more Digimon but I worry what a hard reboot of the original season might do to my childhood memories!:raritycry:

But... more Digimon...:raritydespair:

Wanderer D

5236103 It's not a reboot, it's brand new, just same characters, think of it as how the Manga was different.

5236102 One more after TRI covering as well the kids from 02

Not really feeling it. The new digiworld looks like garbage and reboot seems like a terrible idea.

Digimon peaked at Adventure 1. Tamers was a welcome alternate look to the franchise and it's been just crap after that in general. I should finally watch adventure 3 though.

Eh? Wikipedia doesn't list a new series. Was it not announced until it came out or something? Most recent thing on there is a sequel film taking place as they're all becoming adults.

Is that only available on CrunchyRoll? I would watch.

Wanderer D

5236130 you are correct, I meant that movie

I'm very unhappy about it. The digital world is way more digital then literally every other digimon show

Well. That's a Nova Blast of nostalgia right there.

Glad you're enjoying it.

Personally, after hearing about the directions Tri went in, I just kinda gave up. To me, it will never be better than Tamers.

Well now I'm super confused, because after I asked that but before you said this, and before I went to bed, I found a new series on Crunchyroll. Which explicitly appears to be a reboot.

Wanderer D

5236294 The movie that wraps up the original series is one thing.
This one is not a reboot, it's a new story, like the manga still have Tai and was a completely new story.
5236240 They just introduced it, my guess is that it's a limbo of sorts before they get into a more familiar Digiworld.
5236278 Well, it's a different story, so what happened in the original doesn't apply.

Looks like Crunchyroll has it. At least, in my region anyways.



I just finished the first episode, and it has my attention. The fact that Izzy is still in the physical world could change things. At this point, we don't know if Tai and Matt are trapped in the digital world or not. The story could involve them balancing everyday life with digital battles, which eventually get the others roped in. Pretty much like Code Lyoko, I guess.

I'm not really a fan of the little digital space seen in the episode, but it was pretty much just a set piece for a fight anyways. Assuming the group has to travel across the digital world at some point, we may see more varied locations.

First episode watched, loving it so far. Definitely going to have to keep up with it, and bask in the nostalgia.

So far, so good. Thought this will never beat the original... I wrote a huge fanfic about it, for God’s sake! XD

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