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Sharing some of my low-vote memes · 11:27pm February 22nd

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………….. i'm getting very strange reference vibes. why is that??

Personally, I don't see why so many people were Downvoting #4 on DB. But, I'm a SciSet shipper, so what do I know?

Also, nice old school callback to RoboJox in #6.

Some FlashLight and FlashSet shippers can get surprisingly vitriolic about any perceived bashing of him or pushing Sunlight as canonical.

Stones and glass houses anyone?

FlashLight isn't any more officially canon than SciSet, and FlashSet was nixed when they agreed that they'd just be friends, so they really don't have a leg to stand on in that regard. I mean, I don't dislike Flash, I just think he's just kinda… there, y'know?

Agreed, I've nothing against the pairing, even written it a couple times. But certain shippers of it on Derpibooru can be very... "proactive" in their preference for it.

Shipping wars can be awful. Don't know if you're into Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss, but, oh Gaia, you watch some of the charlalastor and chaggie supporters go at each-other, and its FlashLight/FlashSet/SunLight/SciSet/SciSpruce all over again.

I was into Inuyasha years ago. I've fought on the frontline of shipping wars. I've done unspeakable things to people... and I don't regret as many of them as I should...

#5: All I can say is, oof!

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