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New Year Check In: Admitting my Weakness · 6:43pm Feb 1st, 2020


To be honest, I am glad I have come to my resolution of fear. I have known this fear for a long time and admitted to it. However, I'd like to go into more detail. I'm sure some know of my predicament, but it's more than simply "making a good conclusion to the climax."

The fear is omega; the end.

This goes beyond the current stage of No Hugs. It has to do with writing those last words "the end," the two words that all writers march toward, be it a concluded story or an indefinite incomplete status. Of course, the latter is not the desired fate for readers and their loved stories. I want an ending that is satisfying but to approach that conclusion is difficult.

As a writer who is near that end that many are anticipating, and more, it is hard to face omega. I don't want to stumble. The irony of not wanting to approach omega is never truly arriving to it. I've thought of many different ways to approach the climax and end of No Hugs. I just don't want to mess it up.

This is my final hurrah here on FiMFiction. Whether I fade into obscurity along with my comic or become remembered from here on out, my goal is to write a good story. I'm not here to bait people in with a bat pony story and lust for views. Ney. I'd be a fool if my goal was purely honed in on grabbing attention.

I have been re-reading the story, passing the "No Hugs for Sugar Crush" chapter. I've learned where my strengths and weaknesses are, not to mention, reading and analyzing my readers' comments. Comments help me understand deeper thoughts to my audience, including those who fuss over cliffhangers (which I take great pleasure in knowing I can hit that target consistently).

This is what I've learned and need to do: at the story's current state, it's time for me to get to the point. Everything is now set. The pieces on the chessboard are out in the open, ready for the taking. Not everything needs to have that build-up tension chapter. Sometimes things need to move forward while drip-feeding information.

It can be a bit frustrating to wonder if an information dumb or drip-feed approach is the right way to go. On one hand, all the details are out and done with information dumping. The issue that can happen is information overload. Too much dumping can be overwhelming. Drip feeding is slowly but surely learning about details. Two issues can come to pass with this approach: details as to what a story was going for can be lost as the story goes on, and/ or dragging out the story for too long.

Now with these two practices both used, there does come to a point where a story needs to hit that climax point; some stories have multiple; mine has two. I now know what I have to do. It is hard to face what is to come. However, now that I know my faults, I cannot just hide away from my problems.

I cannot be intimidated, even if the worst does happen to my story. Just like the current state the plot is in, I need to charge forward.

Once I catch up to the latest chapter and gather all the tiny details, it will come.

Omega is upon us. It's time to end this.

And I will make you cry.

PS: Here's some more concept art for my comic because you didn't ask for it :3

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Don’t be sad that it’s over. He happy it happened.


You'll be greatly missed my friend.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the end. :twilightsmile:

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