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Potential Delay for No Hugs Due to Job Searching · 6:55pm Sep 28th, 2020


Personally, I don't like placing my real-life situations into a blog. But it is what it is and I want to let everyone know what's up. Worry not, as my living situation and job situation are actually quite well. It's the place I work at that is not well. To put it in one sentence, my business has had many people leave due to many reasons and are not hiring any new hands, forcing people like myself to work exceedingly harder and faster with no compensation or consideration.

When you work in a factory, there is a quota to meet. With very little people my shift has, we have to reach that regardless. With that said, I'm seeking employment elsewhere. I am doing what I can to find time to write, but my livelihood is more vital. Pray for a speedy transfer of jobs.

That is all.

Freak, out.

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I shall pray for you in this matter of yours, my friend.

Please take care of yourself first and foremost. I wish you all the best with job hunting. :twilightsmile:

Sounds like you work at GKN Alamance lmao

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