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Being honest about No Hugs (nothing dreadful) · 7:10pm Dec 9th, 2020


So said job search in last blog has not been so successful but that hasn't been surrendered yet. It is, however, going to slow down on that front because I can make due with my current job. I want to talk about No Hugs now.

I've decided to start up another fan fiction and finish my Prince Caramel series. It may sound strange, though I may have mentioned it before, but working on another project is relaxing, especially because it hasn't been published. The lack of that nagging gap between chapters doesn't bother me. This does not mean I won't work on No Hugs. I just sometimes need to do other things that involve my hobby, one of them being working on unfinished works and publishing the eventual complete work.

Apologies once more for the delay. I sound like a broken record at this point because if another reason for no chapter for two months. I do want to touch bases as to what's going on with me. To make up for it, here's a character for my up and coming comic, Cute (design not final). Freak, out.

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I'm searching for another job, too. Don't worry, keep sending out applications and you'll find something! Don't be afraid to take unemployment or find a stopgap position if you have to.

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