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    State of the Writer, March 2020!

    I have done absolutely fuck all this month, so this is gonna be a COVID blog. Skip it if you're not interested.

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    Fic recs, March 29th!

    Pony & Wolf Productions have done a reading of Anonymous Pegasus's Incorrect Assumptions!

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    Who would you ship with Starlight?

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    I may not use this, but I had an idea.

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State of the Writer, January 2020! · 12:15am February 1st

This morning, I had nothing whatsoever to report on the writing front. :B I've been spending all my free time watching Youtube videos or, less frequently, listening to audiobooks while playing video games. (I'm gonna be in need of some more games I can play while doing this, pretty soon.) I've developed a Critical Role addiction. The current audiobook review is kinda long, and the stories haven't been that great, but I'm determined to do the whole thing at once, as I have the last couple.

But of course, all that changed when I wrote Through a Mirror, Brightly, a reaction to some of the stories I've heard on that very channel! You can find it now at Past Conditional, because it's very short and kind of stupid because I couldn't think of a better ending. :B But it illustrates a point!

I dunno if I'll be writing anything next month either. Though if I do, it might be a return to SCP. I also spent this month reading through the 5k contest, and while that took rather a while, it was a good use of my time. (My recommendations, in no particular order, are Lamplight, Why?, A Death in Containment, and if you're looking for a super-spoopy mystery, Seven.) That's all I've got to report, the other review edition is gonna take some time too because long stories. D: kthxbye

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Comments ( 6 )

Aw, man. YouTube can be a curse. I can't say I spent my time any differently today. Was hoping to do some uni work once home, and it turned out as badly as you can guess. I've been opening and closing YouTube tabs every hour or so, and now it's Saturday.

What do you watch on YT?

My usual channels:
* Scott Manley
* SciShow
* vlogbrothers
* LittleshyFIM
* Kruggsmash
* TierZoo
* Vsauce

yeah, that's just a short list....

Author Interviewer

Aside from ponyfic audiobooks, I watch a lot of Mario Maker vids -- juzcook in the morning, DGR for lunch, Carlsagan42 whenever he uploads -- and I've been bingeing Talks Machina on Critical Role.

I also watch stuff like Night Mind, nexpo and ReignBot. Company Man, Atlas Pro, WonderWhy and CGP Grey for the learnings. Anything else is either music, or stuff that doesn't upload super frequently.

CGP Grey for the learnings

Thanks, I was afraid joy was talking over my life. :ajbemused: :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I'm really not a big fan of that vid.

I suspect you have not seen, yet might appreciate, the extended version of the AI story. So I will drop this here now that everypony else is unlikely to visit the comment section:

[Adult story embed hidden]

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