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This story is a sequel to Future Progressive: The Speedfics and Drabbles of Present Perfect

NEW: Be All That Yona Can Be (Comedy, Random, Crossover): Faced with a chance to be herself, Yona realizes her true destiny.


Another repository for short, silly stories not worth polishing. Cover image by tjpones. Sparkles will save us all!

The Ueton Game (Adventure, Crossover, Dark): Twilight Sparkle invites Applejack to a special sleepover for just the two of them. But is her ghost story more than just fiction? (A crossover with The Binding of Isaac that doesn't require any foreknowledge.)

The Scope of Love (Adventure, Romance): Sea Wishes has become the new bearer of the Mantle of Pisces! Great! What does that mean? As she learns more about her new role in Equestria, she'll also have to deal with a dark secret, not to mention Aries...

A Step Backward (Random, Sad): Gilda does a thing? Look, I can't stand this story, I'm sure as hell not going to read back through it to figure out a summary.

Tartarus Control (Comedy, Random): Star Swirl the Bearded and Stygian, newly reunited, travel across the realm and discover this modern Equestria has a few changes they don't remember...

Bitter Disappointment: (Comedy, Random, Romance): After living through the worst breakup of ever, Starlight Glimmer finds an unexpected lesbian lover in Applejack. This story is rated 'T' for 'Too Stupid to Be Published on Its Own'.

Yer Outta Line, Sparkle! (Drama, Random): After the near disaster of the play starring Celestia, Twilight's friends have a few things to say to her.

Thank You, Nightmare Moon (Slice of Life): Princess Luna encounters an unexpected fan in Ponyville.

Starlight Fixes Dragonshy (Alternate version) [Comedy, Dark, Random]: Starlight Glimmer has gotten hold of the Friendship Journal and, using a time-travel spell, will go back and fix all the friendship problems herself, consequences be damned. An alternate version of my entry for season one of Starlight Fixes Everything.

And They Do Fusion Dances (Crossover): Twilight, her friends, and their little sisters experiment with pony fusion.

Two-Point-Five Essential Vitamins and/or Minerals (Comedy, Random): Two little ponies huddle in an abandoned factory. Death approaches. No one will save them. Or will they?

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Comments ( 70 )

Clicked on it just for the cover art.

Dear Princess Luna,

Please remember to clean out the dream world's septic tank every few centuries.

Your friend,
Twilight Sparkle

Much as I wish we did... well, anything with the ponyscopes, I am sad that Libra was set to be the villain of this piece. Still, thanks for sharing it.

Author Interviewer

Sounds like something a Libra would say. :V

This certainly puts "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" in a new light. Dash has been tested enough by that point that she can afford to have Gilda as a friend again.

We'll see what happens... though I do agree that Tirek coming back seems ill-advised.

And then she mind-controlled all of Equestria with drugged apple products, and finally made her mothers proud.

Author Interviewer

Man, I've already got one story idea about two terrible characters spawning the pony anti-christ, I don't need another. D:

Everything about this is perfect. :'D

Except maybe this:

witnessed by even worse side characters

Leave Spike alooooooonnnnnneeeee! :raritycry:

Yeah, that doesn't seem like the best idea.

Author Interviewer

Man, not even the show will leave him alone, how am I meant to do any better? :V

The only writer I've encountered that has done anything good with Bat Ponies is Skirts. End of line.

Another best ponies hater. When will they learn that they are wrong and that Starlight and Applejack are two of the best written characters of the show. 😈

8581892 There was actually a lengthy story written that was a Harry Potter tribute where Dinky goes to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, in it Scorpio ends up being the primary antagonist.

8587472 It depends on how it's done. If Tirek just escapes a second time, or the characters go decide to let him out and reform him, that will be a terrible episode. But if it's the cast needing to consult him for some ancient knowledge in Tartarus, or perhaps tied to the return of Scorpan, it could make for a good story.

I just wish the writers of the show could decide if Applejack is meant to be the foil to the crazier antics of her friends and the stolid, solid, well grounded, reliable pony...

Or the class idiot.

For every good episode with her, you get at least one Hearth Breaker or Cider Squeezy. And, due to her character being founded upon being the straight laced one, if she's not being a foil, she's incredibly boring. So even when she's not got the IQ of an apple, she can easily fall flat.

Nothing about Starlight is good. She's a shitty Twilight wannabe with none of the traits that make Twilight bearable and none of the morals that keep her from being a villain. I'd rather send Sunset (either the pony or the as-yet-unseen human version) to Equestria and just replace her without explanation.

Of Starlight's entire cohort, only Trixie is a good character. And 99% of that is the VAs presence.

Everytime griffons appear in the show, they are depicted as vegetarians. Literally, the episode either centers around them making or eating vegetarian food (Gaston, Gilda's scones) or the griffon eats fruit or something. Meanwhile ponies eat fish and shrimps and talk about hotdogs.

This is the one part of show canon I refuse to allow compromise on. Griffons are vegetarian.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Publish this as its own story so more people can see its beauty, even if you are a filthy BatPony hater

Why is your username spelled as two words in this story, but one word in your profile?

Author Interviewer

Because. :V

...The actual answer might be "because I didn't know you could have a space in your name when I registered on the site and I don't want to change it now because that's how people know me by". :B

For all that I've never been a fan of Applejack or Starlight, they sure do make good author mouthpieces!

For author mouthpieces, you sure kept them nicely in character!

Author Interviewer

You seem to fail to realize. Starlight is actually one of the best ponies on the show and is one of the most popular.

And her very addition is what helped keep the show going and make it better then ever.

And it's actually proven fact that Starlight bashers are actually the scum of humanity. They are the most likely ones to namecall, bully, and outright condone murder.

Author Interviewer

See, with a title like that, i was expecting some silliness about Twilight handing in her Friendship Badge or something.

Author Interviewer

So was I, nemryn.




I feel like the episode also had Pinkie in one of her worse modes (endangering others, repeatedly undermining their work, "300+ times," ... ), but of course nobody can complain about her with any bite. Bringing up the beach thing kind of highlights that, since it by implication draws in the stuff leading up to it where she was actively harmful to the mission.

Anyway, this might be one of the closer things to Twilistia I've ever seen you write.

Author Interviewer

...You mean other than the actual Twilestia story I wrote? <.<

Do you know I've had an idea for a legit Twilestia fic for years?

"Beer and a Knife Fight"? I guess so. This one plays it quite a bit straighter though.

Surprised to hear about the full fic idea, what with it seeming to be one of your more hated/at the very least squicked out things.

Author Interviewer

I'm honestly not sure why I ever wanted to write it, in hindsight.

Of course, it's also got a Pinklestia joke, so... :V

Pinklestia as in the ship, or the toy?

Author Interviewer

The toy. :B

As in the whole thing is way dated. XD

You need to work on your marketing. :P

It's "retro," darling. :raritywink:

Beautifully done, both the youthful innocence and the hard-won wisdom.

A part of Luna, deep inside, wept at the knowledge that Nightmare Moon had somehow become 'pretend'. That one thousand hours of envy, one thousand seconds of anger, and one thousand years of lonely penitence had been swept aside in favor of a young filly's fantasy.

Succinct yet impactful. Probably my favorite line. A good story, I liked it.

Wonderfully done! I just 'dawned' so much. You wrote Luna absolute perfection!

This is lovely! I wish I could fave chapters. I really liked the "thousand" relation; nice little device, that.

You know, I always figured, other than the whole trying to depose Celestia and bring about eternal night, I actually preferred Nightmare Moon to Luna. I bet a lot of other ponies did too. Luna doesn't have cool cat eyes, badass magical armor, or a fantastic booming laugh.

Author Interviewer

I mean, I think she's hotter cooler. :B

Beautiful little story. I just love how each of them got to learn and take something from the other. Thirding the point on the thousands.

Unfortunately, Real Princesses aren't allowed to be cool. :-( (Exception: Celestia at the end of "Lesson Zero"--and it's worth noting as a side note that Nightmare Moon was also cooler than Daybreaker). Luna gets a bit from time to time tied to the dream realm, but where that's played up a bit more they also tend to reemphasize her weaknesses and self-doubt.

9004945 I dunno, Daybreaker's hair is pure fire, that's pretty metal.

Yeah, but it doesn't match well with Celestia's base coloration, the fangs look bad white-on-white, and it all came off a bit as trying too hard to me. That and no-story doesn't beat what's still probably the best villain background to date. And sure, I'll give you fire hair, but who's going to say "night eternal" isn't damn metal in itself?

9005837 Oh yeah, Daybreaker has some trouble justifying her existence. I said this years ago:

Daybreaker: "Join me Celestia, and you could have everything you could ever want"
Celestia: "You mean like ruling the country, living in a giant gold palace, the respect and admiration of everyone?"
Daybreaker: "Yeah.... but.... like,less meetings, and also cool fire powers."

I'm severely behind on watching the episodes, so really the only criterion I can judge her on is the name. "Nightmare Moon" is a great name that works on multiple levels, and it always bugs me when authors get lazy and just give Evil Celestia something dumb like "Nightmare Flare". But on that level, "Daybreaker" is pretty solid!

(I'm still the president [and only member] of the Inferno Sun Fanclub, tho. :trixieshiftright:)

I was sure this would end with the exact same disintegrate ray Starlight used on Discord.

I guess this doesn't meet the "fixes everything" requirement, but it's still pretty good. :V Maybe better for it.

Author Interviewer

I mean, c'mon, I can't let Starlight win every time. :V I have some standards.

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