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anyways watch g5 · 4:09pm Oct 12th, 2019

No, I haven't seen the episode yet, nor do I plan to. I have... a lot of catching up to do. I think I'm gonna go back and do a massive re-watch of the whole shebang from the very first episode to the very last. I've heard that people are... upset with how it ended, but honestly the show should have ended around season 5 or 6 when every major character's arc was completed lol

But I never set my expectations super high with this show. Being pleasantly surprised with a quality episode (including a few that are some of the best episodes of American animation of this past decade) was great, and being disappointed in a shit episode was... well, it never hit me too hard, because I didn't hold the show to the same standards I held a lot of it's contemporaries. There's a lot of stirrings in the air about what g5 is gonna be - people have mentioned "streetwise Applejack" and "computer generated" a bunch - but honestly the show is in pre-production and we have no idea if any of that is going to come into fruition.

This next year is gonna be tough for the fandom. Gonna be sink or swim. I plan on swimming, and I hope you lot do too, whoever manages to see this post.

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Comments ( 7 )

Whatever happens, I'm in it for the long run.

That's a refreshing stance that I am happy to see. Also don't think there was ever possibility for some people to not be disappointed.

I'll check out G5, but it'll just be the same way I try out any cartoon that catches my interest; if I don't care for it after a few episodes, dropped.

Yeah, I can't get too invested in the ending myself, granted I despise most of Josh Haber's writing so I doubt it could please me anyhow. I'm just glad even the weakest seasons gave us plenty of good episodes, and even the poor ones have been carried by the animation, voice acting, and music for me.

Well I'll give G5 a shot I'm not expecting anything but if it turns out good then that's great news and if not we got to have an amazing ride, either way it won't be the same magic so just love the memories you have :twilightsmile:

There was always gonna be someone disappointed. Me though, I utterly loved every moment of the finale. It was absolutely all I could've hoped for, and more.

The criticisms of the last few episodes are real but MASSIVLEY overstated. They're no bigger than the typical legit nitpicks people have for episodes.

I'll forever check my feed weekly until the sites shut down or those last few fics I've been following for years end.

I stopped watching after season three, everything after that I've basically just got the summary version.

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