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    I'm Sponsoring a Contest

    tl;dr I'm giving out prize money for a contest! Details below in the needlessly long and elaborate blog post.

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    New story out now!

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    New story, Closer Than You'd Think, is out now!

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I'm Sponsoring a Contest · 5:12pm Jun 1st, 2019

tl;dr I'm giving out prize money for a contest! Details below in the needlessly long and elaborate blog post.

Hi guys.

Man, how have things changed over the past year. All of a sudden, I'm making money. I didn't even have to beg to get to Bronycon this year - I'm even taking a fucking plane instead of a bus! I'm not making huge amounts - barely above minimum wage - but I've been good about saving here and there, so I figured I may as well help out my old group.

Shakespearicles has been trying to revitalize Incest is Wincest, and judging by how the siblings contest went so... well, so, it seemed like he at least succeeded in getting eyeballs on the group again. However, considering that entries were down to a tenth for the Mother's Day contest (for better and for... well, mostly for better imo, but you know), I wanted to throw in a little cash infusion of my own.

For this month's Father's Day contest, I am offering fabulous prizes for the top three prize winners!

First place will get $100!

Second place, $50!

Third place, $25!

And I'm adding an additional bounty - if your fic places first, second, or third, and is also LGBT themed, you will get an additional $25! LGBT themed means gay incest (father/son), or other LGBT themed incest (trans ponies, nonbinary ponies, bisexual ponies, the works). You don't have to write something LGBT themed to win, however - if none of the top three fics are LGBT themed, then the $25 will go to the third place winner. So you've got nothing to lose!

Head on over to the Father's Day Contest page for more details on how to enter the contest, though it's pretty straightforward and open-ended. I look forward to seeing all your entries, and I look forward to getting you guys a nice influx of cash for writing the good shit! Good luck with the contest if you decide to enter, and I look forward to seeing you guys at Bronycon!

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Comments ( 4 )

So the third place winner could potentially receive the same prize as second place, if none of the winning entries meet the additional criteria? Or will there simply be no third place prize if one of the higher places meets the additional criteria?


Third place will get the same prize as second place if none of the top three fics have the bounty. However, the bounty goes to the highest rated (on the contest’s judges panel, not the website) LGBT-themed fic, which means second place or third place could potentially get the bounty anyways if the fics above it don’t meet the criteria for the bounty (read: being LGBT themed). Does that make a good amount of sense?

That's clearer yes. Wasn't trying to call you out on anything. Honestly I thought that's what you meant anyway, just for something like a contest, where any random person could enter, I think it's good to be excessively clear.

Also, good call for rating by the judge panel, not the website rating. Since...the latter isn't really relevant to a contest to begin with, unless you're judging by random vote instead panel.

Least your shit actually makes sense instead of that one asshole that allowed FimFic to be flooded with trash.

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