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It's June!
Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th. (Don't forget!)
So this month, we will have a writing contest celebrating


Write a fic including (but not limited to) Fathers incest with their children. Straight, gay, step-dads, adoptive fathers, father-in-laws, even OCs. It's all good!
1. Comment below to indicate your interest in participating in the contest so we can get an accurate head count. Also, if you have questions, you may ask them here.
2. Minimum 3000 words.
3. The story can be of any rating.
4. You have one month during June to write your story and submit it to the Fathers Contest folder.

All submissions are due by 11:59pm EST July 7th

I will be one of the judges. If you want to be a judge, let me know via PM. (You can still participate in the contest.)

The Elusive Badgerpony:
I'm willing to put down for a $125 first prize, $50 for a second prize, and $25 for a third. This is a reasonable amount for me. I won't hand out participation rewards but clearly offering tangible prizes is a boon to entry numbers.

If your fic places and involves homosexual incest (father/son) or LGBT themed incest (father/trans or father/non-binary) you'll earn an additional $25 bounty. This is only for fics that place in the top three.

1st: $125
2nd: $50
3rd: $25

- Standard contest rules apply
- If fic is LGBT/gay themed and places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd: additional $25
- If none of the top three are LGBT/gay themed, the additional $25 is given to the third place winner for a total of $50

I think this is enough leeway to bring out some creative works without strangle-holding it with a specific ship or fetish.

I might be interested. But not so sure right now

Should've expected this:rainbowlaugh:.

Anyway this pretty much gives me the opportunity for a sequel to Un-Shy Shower:raritywink:

//think thonk

I have a few planned already!:yay:

ooh boy
I kind of really want to do this
But not sure if I will
I have a Twilight x dad, male x futa fic in mind
But most people probably wouldn't be into that

It's a shame I didn't get to join the previous one and I likely won't join this one either. Though the reason for that is that I'm busy working on a commission, so I shouldn't complain.

Jeees, another one? You are about to squeeze your sponsors dry at this rate.

I hope you'll address Twincest at some point, that's were the attention could produce something interesting!

There really is a lack of good Father/Son smut around here, so I wouldn't mind contributing if I have the time.

Ironically, none of the dudes in that pic are leering at their daughter! :-P

So, quick rundown of canon fathers:
Night Light
Bright Mac
Shining Armor
Mr. Carrot Cake
Mr. Shy
Bow Hothoof
Igneous Rock Pie
Magnum/Hondo Flanks
Jack Pot

I *think* that's all for canon. Though, of course, there's always R63 and/or OC's/non-canon relationships to play with!

(I mean... let's face it... if Troubleshoes ever *did* get laid, you just know the contraceptive would fail....)

I'm down, and my mind is percolating with horrible, I mean, erotic ideas!

........... Time to put everything on hold and enter this for shits and giggles. Got a few ideas in mind, so hopefully I can get everything I want to get done finished before the end of the month. :moustache:

I'm in, but not going to be a for sure as I've got a bit of a project I need to finish up. I'll try my hardest to get in, but will eventually post something regardless. Good luck to all of those involved!

Lol, nice...


Was that pic really necessary though? :twilightoops:

sign me up

Group Admin

It was the best non-explicit DILF image I could find on Derpibooru, aside from

I have a bit of an idea but we’ll see.

I have waited for that :D I will try my best to write an awesome Father/Daughter fic :D

The pic has apogee but her father isn’t even there.

For the incest contest.

Group Admin

Who do you think is holding the camera?

I'll give it a go. I haven't written anything like this yet and this seems like a fine opportunity to start.

I'm interested. It's a shame I wasn't ready for the previous one.

I think that you should write what you want whenever you have the chance. I would certainly love to check out your story.

dad cest with gay

It is done

Comment posted by EffervescentEquine deleted Jun 2nd, 2019

To be fair, I was gonna write it anyway, just not sure about the contest
But hey
Now that I know the contest is leaning toward gay/lgbt stuff, I'm in
I mean, futa is like basically kinda trans... in a way

The original photo that picture references... what is the name of the video that it was made for?

Edit: Found it. Piper Perri in “Orgy is the New Black.”

I probably have an idea or two.

Alright, I'll try to think of something. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with a good story. Due to personal reasons, I have decided to step down from taking part.

I agree
It's not that I personally care if people are into it
I mean, I mostly write niche stuff
I would write the story for myself no matter what

But I'm talking about writing this for a contest
So it's inherently for other people, not just myself

Group Admin


Who cares if people aren't into it?

If it's something you wanna write because you're interested in it, you wanna expand your creative horizons, or wanna grow and improve your talents by working in different areas, go right ahead and write it.

Caring whether or not people will read something, be it niche or unpopular, is the first nail in the coffin for stagnation of your craft, and it's only downhill from there.


Might sit this one out. Is have other work I've been meaning to do for a long time now.

It's obvious but is it really canonical that Jack Pot is Trixie's dad?

Group Admin


It's obvious but is it really canonical that Jack Pot is Trixie's dad?

Confirmed by Big Jim Miller himself.

I actually forgot another canon father.


Father of Monsters and all that!

(Does that make him the metaphysical parent of all teenagers and two year olds?)


I saw this as a result of Two Tickets, and for some reason it got me thinking. I thought and I thought, and then I thunk s'more. Well, for some reason this thing brain-wormed me.

I looked at 6873126 's list, and I had an idea, but while I feel it was a good one, it was also... too "common." I needed something different. Something new. Something special. And for Father's Day, something that hits you right in the feel-maker.

So, I have a new idea! And now I'm excited. I was excited on my way to work, thinking through a plotline, and I'm excited while doing my job (Not like that though. Yet.) Shakey, you finally got me to join this group just so I can do this contest. My existing fans are going to be so disappointed.

I hope you will be happy. (I really do!)

Group Admin

> this pleases Shakes

Okay. Count me in.

Comment posted by locke_jaw deleted Jun 5th, 2019

I'm going to have to think of something, Father stuff isn't my forte, but I want to write something after not having done so for a bit, and this could be a challenge. So sign me up!

6873099 Count me in.

I think this is enough leeway to bring out some creative works without strangle-holding it with a specific ship or fetish.

I assume that there are no restrictions or limitations in terms of ships or fetishes? :rainbowhuh:

Group Admin

Not really. As long as the central theme is the father/ child(ren) relationship. You can approach that any way you want with whomever you choose. You can make it as fetishy as you please. But just be aware that some of the more extreme kinks may struggle in terms of general popularity.

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