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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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The issue with chapter 5 · 8:10pm Sep 9th, 2019

I simply don't know how to start it! I know what I want in this chapter:

The chapter is supposed to start with one of the mane six in ponyville going about their day when they get an invitation to help set up the coronation of the new princess. The coronation is small and private so it's a big deal to be invited, let alone help set it up, so I would imagine Rarity would kind of freak out, but beyond that, I'm not sure how to write the other mane six. I'm not very good with characterizing them and I don't want to make them flat 2D versions of them selves. As the mane six get themselves in order, the story will then switch back to Canterlot.

This part I have mostly down, Luna is looking for Twilight and finds her with Blueblued doing magic training. There training will likely be using their magic to break through walls of concrete. (Twilight is obviously using a more strategic method of doing it than brute force, like Blueblood would be doing.) Luna tells Twilight that she needs to start getting ready for her coronation in a few days. Twilight, understandably, is a little annoyed from having to end her training but goes with her mother.

We then skip forward a day and the mane six arrive to help with the preparations. All of them meet and interact with twilight, but once again I've stuck because once again I don't know how to properly characterize the mane six, beyond Twilight. They go through the setup and everything, and at the end of the chapter, we have the coronation and Twilight planning on spending time with her new friends.

So, yeah I need help. I really am unfamiliar on how to right the rest of the mane six. Please if you have any suggestions write them down in the comments below.

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Might take some cues from the very first episodes maybe? Have the mane 6 all hired for various parts of the celebration and have Twi meet them while wandering around.

if yourlooking for the main 6's reaction to the letter, you can take inspiration from the ticket master, after all, they are all getting invited to a Party like the grand galloping gala im sure they would all have similar reactions

You could always just abandon the six. If there are other characters that could fill the same rolls but you can write them easier just go for the substitutes. Once Destiny is derailed it rather makes sense that other aspects would have variations to help get things back on track.

By way of example AJ represents honesty because in the original she show Twilight she can be trusted even in dangerous situations, helping to show Twi the good of others. Given the changes instead of someone who is steadfast in crisis it could be a pony who is willing to give honest criticism or advice to her despite her now intimidating political or magical power, or a pony that admits to an error on their part despite the trouble it will cause for them. This assumes that the Mane Six are even present based on the elements of harmony as opposed to just showing Twilight having varied relationships.

Other than what others have already suggested (past episodes are always a good source of inspiration), it might be best to make their introductions based on their planned futures. So if Fluttershy, for example, is very scared of Luna due to her NMM form, then maybe make her appearence based off of that. It helps set stuff up as well as giving a good indication of the character and opinions in the fic.

But adding onto what Vaguely Demented said, don't force yourself to stick with the Main 6. If you really don't know how to write them, then don't. You have other options, hell, create an OC if you want.

You'll also want to remember that you do not need to introduce Twilight to all of the Mane 5 at once. Yes, Celestia wants Twilight to meet the others, but she'd be old enough to know that you cannot rush such things—especially when her sister, Twilight's mother, is concerned about her being socially awkward around unfamiliar faces.

This can make it easier for you, as you can concentrate on only a few characters to get a feeling for them. Also, since this already is an AU, you can fudge the backgrounds a bit to make your life easier.

Take this approach, for example: Let's say that, when she returned from her stay with the Oranges, AJ brought a little something with her—a business idea. Today (as in, the 'today' of the story), Sweet Apple Acres Catering (SAAC) is well-known as a dependable supplier of catering services for all kinds of events (the farm's still there, but a number of other Apples moved in to help with the catering services, flushing some much needed funds into the agricultural side). This makes it easy to include AJ in the coronation event: Her company is providing the food, giving her a sensible reason to be there. Earlier employments in Canterlot and other big cities might have also removed some of her country accent, so this might also make writing her easier for you.

From there, you can rope in other ponies, if you like to. It's easy to see how a younger AJ, not being familiar with such events, might have recruited the help of a certain, very pink pony, leading into a successful cooperation that would see Pinkie Pie being carted to Canterlot alongside AJ. Don't feel ready to write Pinkie Pie? No problem, just say that this isn't quite the kind of event she specializes in. AJ will have a local contact to help with the organization or do it herself, might not be her first stunt for noble/royal clientel. Hell, Twilight (in the show) has a knack and love for organizing. She might insist on helping with the preparations for her own coronation, allowing her to meet AJ first in a professional capacity.

Rarity would also be easy to include. Catering companies need the right 'bling'--table clothes, napkins, placemats and the like. And apparently she already was the local go-to pony for everything cloth-related, so it makes sense to see how she would end up in a business deal with SAAC. And we all know that she really couldn't resist tagging along for such an event. Yet, you don't like writing her? Just let her out, it's not as if Canterlot Castle will suffer from a dramatic shortage of table cloth.

Using an approach like this, you can scale the number of new characters for you to write up or down to your liking. Just make sure that them being there or not being there makes sense. And, if a character's presence would make sense or be expected but you're not (yet) willing to write that character, come up with a sensible reason for why that character couldn't make it. It's an AU, it's your story, no one can fault you for switching things up to make your life a bit easier. Do make sure to explain any changes your readers might notice, though—you're writing about characters the reader is already familiar with, so discrepancies might end up quite distracting for them.

This is for Moon and magic!? SQUEE!

*Ahem* Ah, pardon me. jokes aside, I can't give you much advice. take what you see in the show, and bend it into your scenarios, Rarity would probably be freaking out about meeting a/preparing for a princess. Pinkie'd be... well, exited to say the least, Flutters would be scared or confused (Or both. probably both), AJ would probably just be playing it cool, respectful, but calm, and herself. Rainbow would be... bragging.

I hope this is at least semi-useful.








Thank you all for your advice, tips, and help it's given me some things to consider. I'll need to decide between actually using the mane six or using/creating other characters for the elements of harmony.

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