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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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No Mane 6 in M&M · 10:51pm Jun 28th, 2020

Like the title says I've decided to forget about having the rest of the mane 6 in the story I'm struggling to much with trying to write them in a way that doesn't have them appear as flat, 2-dimensional characters. So yeah no mane six in their place I'll try and add other characters that don't have much in the way of personality that I can just build from scratch for the most part, like Blueblood. Who will I have as the rest of the elements in this story? IDK really I'm defiantly thinking Blueblood will be that not sure what element he'll be, depends really on how I write him, maybe honest?

Another thing is I'm going to make full use of the dark tag and even may add a gore tag with how I'm planning fo the direction M&M will take. I'm going to be looking into writing some eldritch horror. I will be taking some inspiration from a fellow Twilight writer on FIMFiction; the7Survivors, who I have co-authored a story with before. So hopefully this will keep the story nice and interesting for some time.

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Just don’t go to dark. I did come here for some sweet family scenes

I agree. I don't want horror or gore.:twilightangry2:


Don't worry guys I'll keep it PG13 at the most.

I would like to see a main 6 that was put togather for a reason other than NNM

Cool i have no problem with dark moments but i still hope for a good amount of Mama luna moments

You'll get some don't worry.

In MLP: The Story Retold...! Blueblood becomes what is know as a guardian of Harmony along with the other love interests of the EoH (due to foreknowledge by the HiE turned pony in that story Blueblood got together with Rarity). In that story he was the Element of Sincerity (more was explained in the story such as his attitude was to block gold diggers which given how Rarity acted in “Ticket Master” was what she was). It sticks in my mind as one of the few GOOD Blueblood stories that feature him as a good character and one of the very few that have him as a main part of the story with the good guys.

But, Twilight Sparkle can't activate and use the Elements of Harmony without Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. I know u'll think of a way to add them in the next chapter, u just can't give up that easily. If u put ur mind to it, u can accomplish anything, and u can do that with Twilight meeting the rest of the girls. U just have to think harder, I believe in u pulling it off, I really do

I think I have an idea how Twilight Sparkle can meet the rest of the Mane Six girls. During the Summer Sun Celebration like in the 1st season's episode, but instead of Princess Celestia not appearing, the hooded ponies that attacked Cadence attack Celestia from within the crowd, hiding and blending in as they wait for the right moment to strike, and jump the Princess of the Day as the curtains reveal her on the balcony. Twilight and the girls are shocked that their beloved princess is under attack and rush in to help defend her, but Twilight is the one who is angered at the hooded ponies for attcking her aunt and uses her magic to blast them away from Princess Celestia. Shocked at seeing a young unicorn with powerful magic, the hooded ponies target her as she defends Celestia. She keeps them at bay till she tires from her bottleneck syndrome. As the hooded ponies pin her down, seeing that she's the one they want for their sacrifice, and ready to plunge the knife into her heart, Twilight screams in fear seeing her life ending before hers, Celestia's, and the girls eyes, her mother Luna appears in the nick of time sensing her daughter and her sister in danger, she protects Twilight, Celestia, and the girls by blasting the hooded ponies with her dark magic, showing the citizens of Ponyville that she is a benevolent princess and not the evil monster Nightmare Moon in everypony's eyes. Seeing that Princess Luna's magic is too powerful to withstand, the hooded ponies retreat, the leader swearing they'll be back for Twilight and disappear. With the danger now passed, everypony, including the Mayor gathers to make sure their heroes are alright and see Princess Luna with looks of shock and awe, the Princess of the Night looks upon her subjects in slight worry, thinking they fear her. But instead of shunning and fearing her, a filly walks up to her smiling, and hugs her leg not out of fear, but love and appreciation. Princess Luna smiles with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks and hugs the filly. As she does so, everypony cheers at Luna for saving their lives. The Princess of the Night, seeing they don't fear her and earned their trust, thanks them all for their praise. Princess Celestia, now back on her feet, walks to Luna and stands beside her sister as the Mayor walks up herself to ask the Princess who the Dark Alicorn is. Celestia introduces Luna, addressing her as her sister to her subjects, and Twilight stands by her mother's side while the girls stand with the crowd. Luna then introduces Twilight, addressing her as her daughter, shocking the girls and everypony at the same time. The girls introduce themselves to Twilight, saying it's an honor to meet her, Twilight saying the same thing. And for helping Twilight defending Celestia, she asks the girls is she'd like to be friends with them, her risk knew them better. They girls say they'd be honored to call the daughter of Princess Luna their friend, forming a bond with the unicorn and adding 5 more stars to Twilight's starburst cutie mark. They all group hug, with Pinkie Pie yelling this calls for a celebration and throws Twilight and Luna a "Welcome to Ponyville" party, they celebrate the Summer Sun Celebration. And now that the enemy has revealed itself, the hooded ponies will have to be more careful if their plan is to succeed on capturing Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the Mane Six's journey to find the Elements of Harmony has now begun.

I'm sorry but I've been trying for months to write them and I just can't get myself to write them. I'm sorry but I've made my choice, this story is already an AU so I'm just going to have to rely on that and take a different approach from what I originally planned. I don't exactly want to make it a habit of using the; it's an AU, excuse but for this time I feel I have to.

It was still worth a shot telling u my excellent idea though, right?

I was hoping too as well, unfortunately, life has decided it wants to do whatever it takes to prevent me from working on it as much as I would like to so, unfortunately, I'm no further along in it than I was almost three weeks ago. Sorry about that I know you and many others are waiting patiently for the chapter and I'm trying to get it done but it's still going to be quite a while.

I think I finally am... I hope. Also, I'm sorry about your grandfather I lost mine to cancer last November.

I lost my grandfather to a heart attack 3 years ago.

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