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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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    What would make you cry.

    I'm talking about like something in a story? What would make you, as a reader, legitimately cry? For me have a very loved character die would be the best way to make me cry, or maybe something else tragic. Then again it doesn't have to be a sad cry it could be tears of joy, maybe seeing a character have a come back from a near defeat or even come back to life defying death it self.

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    Immortaly =/= sadness

    This is one thing that constantly irritates me about Immortal Twilight stories, they always have Twilight become super miserable and depressed, or delve into dark magic to revive her friends. I get it's sad to lose friends, but what erks me is that this isn't a thing exclusive to immortal beings, last October my Grandfather died of cancer, my dog died about a month ago, my childhood doctor died

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    No Mane 6 in M&M

    Like the title says I've decided to forget about having the rest of the mane 6 in the story I'm struggling to much with trying to write them in a way that doesn't have them appear as flat, 2-dimensional characters. So yeah no mane six in their place I'll try and add other characters that don't have much in the way of personality that I can just build from scratch for the most part, like

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    Moon and Magic is not dead!

    Like the title says! I have not abandoned M&M and I don't ever plan to, I unfortunately, had to cancel Imperfect due to issues in my personal life, but M&M has no ties to my Personal life so it's safe and will be continued. I haven't been able to continue it do to life still because well I have to work so my bank account is not 0 and I have other projects that I'm working on. One of these

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    My Favorite Story and the One I want to continue the most.

    Redemption of a Broken mare.

    Okay, there's my favorite, bye!

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My Favorite Story and the One I want to continue the most. · 2:18am Apr 30th, 2020

Redemption of a Broken mare.

Okay, there's my favorite, bye!

Okay, so I'll give more explanation, I do want to get back to writing Imperfect, Moon and Magic, and World unknown, but... it's very hard for me to get back to stories that are so... big, it's very daunting to do and it's kind of stressful to write because I don't want to disappoint my readers like all you amazing people! So I'm thinking maybe I'll write a short sequel to RBM maybe one... two chapters, to get some of my thoughts out and onto a page... maybe... I really don't know I really want to get back to writing, but my brain is weird and some times it doesn't want to do what I want it to do; autism and ADD and all that jazz is kind of hard to deal with at times. I do hope to get back to writing and I'm thinking of starting with making a sequel one-shot to RBM to get back into the groove of writing. The reason I want it to be a one-shot is that I don't want to add another full story onto my plate when I already have three waiting to be continued or rewritten. So I hope to be back to working on stories soon, and I thank you all for your patients. You are all very awesome!

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Nice to hear this news and don`t worry about time. I know how it happens, and if something doesn't go well, then it's really worth starting a new project and only then, with new strength, take up unfinished works)

I`m waiting "Moon and Magic" (read and translate), and russian readers waiting too) And I`m believe in you!

After a sequel to RBM, Imperfect will be next to be continued.

Thank you, unfortunately, MaM is kind of low on the priority list due to a number of circumstances, but I do have a few ideas to continue it and I'll probably hold a straw poll on what direction I should take it because I'm at a point in the story where I can't decide which direction to go in, should I go with the idea I had with Twilight meeting and becoming friends with the rest of the Main 6, should I just forget it and have Twilight just wield all the elements and have the story just focus on her entirely, should I come up with a new mane six for the story for Twilight to become friends, I don't know yet there are a lot of different options and I'm not sure which one will be better and each has it's pros and cons.

I felt like RBM was pretty cut and dry and by that I meant it said everything it had to say I like the Moon and magic world cause the premise interests me the most with how Twilight can grow and how Luna will adapt and overcome her haunting nightmares there's also the fact that this Twilight has potential to wield all the elements which while is a popular trope barely anyone does more than a few episodes on it unless it's a Twilight that has gone mad with power and it's just lost it allure on me

I felt like I left RBM more open-ended than it appeared if you remember how it ended, it was sort of meant to make you ask; what happens now, there is also stuff illuded to in RBM that isn't fully explained like where the villain really came from and how she killed the princess and the rest of the element bearers, or how Twilight survived. I also had more planned for Twilight and
Zycie after these events; twilight having to deal with rebuilding Equestria while having to care for a demigod, while Zycie grows up and begins to learn more about what happened to the world before her 'birth' and eventually learns about what she was while also learning how to cope with this revolution that she had nearly killed all life at one point.

As for MaM yeah I get what you mean. I want to really explore the idea of Twilight, a mortal, being able to wild weapons that not even demigods can wield while also having to adapt to society, while also having to deal with threats that seek to destroy said society. Also, Luna having to deal with reintegrating into society, which isn't 100% welcoming to her and learning to deal with her adoptive daughter growing up and becoming independent. MaM is going to explore a lot of concepts.

I just really enjoyed RBM so much and I did have more planned for it, I feel like it would be a good way for me to get back into writing if I start with something I'm really passionate about.

Autism can be hard at times like this just do what you want I can wait and about your other story's pleasing your readers is nice but you should be the one happy with how a story goes no point writing a story your readers love but you hate it's your story tell it how you want to

It is really nice to hear you are getting back to writing. Your stories are very intresting and pleasant to read! We will be with you!

Pushing autism aside is easier said than done especially in my case where I also have ADD/ADHD (they are practically classified as the same thing medically so I'm not sure which one I have any more all I know is I was diagnosed with one of them) It's honestly a surprise I got anything done XD. All I can say is I'll keep trying to get these stories that all of you love so much, written and out for you all to read and enjoy!

I tell her that all the time but she doesn't, believe me, I'll be sure to let her know that you like her arts so much.

Julunis14 and I had a falling out... I may continue it on my own but it might be too emotionally taxing for me.

I don't think so... I hope so but I can't be sure...

No, I have not. Sorry to say I don't read mature stories that often there is only one M rated story I have read and enjoyed.

Thank you and sorry I had to discontinue it. Unfortunately, Julunis14 and I are no longer in contact so this story is, unfortunately, as good as dead.

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