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Post-Bronycon Blog, and Future Things · 5:35am Aug 9th, 2019

So since all the cool kids are blogging about what they did at Bronycon, I shall follow that trend.

If you’ve read Ponibius or Bronywriter’s blogs, you know I spent quite a while at Bronycon hanging out with them, along with Comma-Kazie and Trinary. If you haven’t read those, go read them (link and link). Honestly, both of them are a lot better at the whole blogging thing than I am.

All in all, it was an awesome time. I got to hang out with friends, some of whom I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet up with for years, play some games, do a marathon of some of our favorite episodes, and just generally enjoy life for the better part of a week.

The Pitchstorm card game was a blast. The basic premise involves making a movie pitch based on two cards, one that outlines the main character(s) and one with a general plot outline. The once you come up with the movie pitch, you get handed a third card with various sorts of executive meddling that has to be worked around. While Bronywriter dominated the game with his wild tales of Frank the foolish Wal-Mart Greeter/TSA Agent who saved the world, only to destroy it later, we all had a blast. I think my favorite combination I got was the character card “An aspiring country music singer looking for his big break” and the plot card “Leads a slave uprising in Ancient Rome.” Just when I’d finally cobbled together a passable plot about a country music singer who gets sent back to Ancient Rome and uses his music to inspire the rebellion, I get the Executive Meddling card. “Set your movie on The Moon.” Ponibius also had some fun with his movie set in the Stone Age, only to be told that the Executives had an endorsement deal with Samsung, so the new Samsung Phone had to play a major role in the climax of his movie ... set thousands of years before said phone existed.

Also, while I didn’t pick up much in the way merch for myself, we did pick up a few things for various other friends who couldn’t make it to the Con, like InuHoshi. And ... well I did pick up one pretty cool thing for myself.

So yeah, that was awesome.

In other news, we’re looking into doing a print run on Freeport Venture, now that a couple things have come together to hopefully make the print run process a bit easier for everyone. Naturally, we’re a goodly ways out from the print run actually happening. Right now I’ve only just gotten started on doing a second round of editing on “A Moment in the Sun” and The Freeport Venture to clean up anything we missed years ago, plus a few continuity tweaks. More update will come as the work progresses.

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A print version of the Freeport stories. My book collection of fics is only going to get bigger from here on. Looking forward to it.:twilightsmile:


It sounds like Pitchstorm would make an excellent stream. It sounds hilarious.

We found it to be pretty fun. I'd recommend it if you want a fun party game that's perhaps a bit cleaner than Cards Against Humanity.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I don't think I even saw you. D: Darn.

Glad you had a good time regardless! :D

Will definitely be interested in buying books from the Freeport universe. And if I had known you were at Bronycon I'd have tried to track you down to grab an autograph and meet one of my fav authors on this whole site. I'll try to keep a weather eye out for updates on the printing.

Would totally want an FV hard copy! Keep us posted!

I had no idea you were even there. Wish we'd been able to meet up. Still, glad you had fun.

That piece of art looks gorgeous. Is this something new? I haven't seen it in any blog post, but maybe I wasn't paying attention.
Also, printing hard copies sounds like a great idea, count me in.

Yeah, it’s something InuHoshi whipped up specifically for the con.

I've got to get some print editions


Any news on this? :0

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