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I write lots and lots of horse words; everything from comedy to drama. If you like what I write, please support me on Patreon.

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State of the Author · 8:16pm Apr 14th, 2021

So a lot of folks have noticed I haven’t been as active on FimFic lately. The enforced hiatus from COVID and the world going into lockdown kind of threw off my writing groove, and when I started getting back into writing I found that the projects I was interested in lived outside the fandom space. I think it’s probably something that was building up for a while before lockdown, anyone who’s followed my work knows what I’ve put out in the last couple of years has generally been very focused on original characters and settings, with only a couple of familiar faces from canon. I think pursuing my own original works is really just the next logical step for growing as a writer.

Once things move along a bit more with my original fiction, I’ll toss out some more updates. Just figured I should let everyone know what’s going on, and why my stories weren’t updating.

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May I ask about the status of printing Freeport Venture?

I understand.

Makes sense. I suppose a relevant question though would be: Do you intend to finish the stories you've got started on the site? No judgements if the answer is no. But... I must admit, myself and many others will indeed be disappointed if that is the case...lol

Sounds good. I'm just happy to hear that nothing terrible happened to you. I was wondering where you'd been.

Thanks for the update. Here's hoping your original work progresses smoothly.

That project kind of dropped off the radar during the pandemic, but I can definitely jump back on making it happen.

The only in-progress story I’ve got going at the moment is The Last Charger, which I don’t anticipate revisiting at this time.

Hey man, do whatever you have to to take care of yourself. I'm very happy for you, that you're growing your interests as a writer.
I will say, your writing has been immensely helpful to me, both as a little inspiration, and in terms of entertainment. Stories like "the life and times of", "incredibly dense mind", and the various Freeport ventures have gotten me through some hard days while in my college studies for my BS & MS. Rough times these last few years... but hey, just promise us this: if you go on to write outside the fandom, drop a line here so we can follow & support you in the future!

Legit. In that case, I'm glad I never got around to starting that one. Lol. If you do produce anything professionally... 0lease do come back and let us all know. I can't speak for everyone, but I myself and definitely interested to see what manner of original works you'll produce. :)

We come here for enjoyment and fun to share ideas and appreciate a concept. I've always felt that once the fun become more like work, then it's time to take a bow and step away. Best of luck to you.

Will you tell us the title of what you plan to write once it's finished so we can check it out?

Good luck with your project.

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I’ll definitely post something once we’re closer to publishing time.

I've really enjoyed your mostly original stuff like The Lunar Rebellion (my all-time favorite of your stories). So I'd absolutely be interested in a fully original work from you, I think you could do great things!

Good luck with the writing, and in general!

Understandable, everyone wants to make their own way in the world. I will follow you no matter where your posting, keep up the good work.

Thanks for the update and enormous thanks for all stories that You wrote over the years. Even though I’ve only created fimfiction account last year I’ve been following your work since around 2013, when The Life and Times of a Winning Pony wasn’t finished yet, and following Winningverse was the main thing that at that time kept me in the fandom. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Your original characters and settings – especially Freeport, it just adds so much more to MLP world. It saddens me a little that You’re not going to write MLP fiction, but I’m very happy to hear that You’re planning on writing an original work – I’ll be waiting for updates on it quite eagerly. Thank You once again for stories You’ve written so far and best of luck with Your future projects.

Good to hear you still live and good luck on future ventures if you go that route.

I can't wait both for your original work and your possible return to fan works after that (maybe?).

You are the reason I got onto Fimfic in the first place, the reason I really connected with the fandom (honestly). The Winningverse saw me through some of the worst times of my life. Everything you've done since then has been icing on an increasingly impressive cake.

You've got a dedicated reader here for life no matter what you write. ^_^

Chengar was the one who got me into Fimfiction and the fandom as well, thanks to his Dresden Files crossovers. I'm just glad to hear he's alright!

Yeah, covid's been hell on everyone this past year. I mean, personally, I've appreciated the extra free time, but for someone like you who was actually sick with it for a time, I can see why it would be especially disruptive. You're a fairly prolific writer most of the time. Until 2020, I couldn't recall a month where you hadn't published or updated something. Hopefully your original fiction projects will help you get back in the groove. Best of luck with all that.

I just want to read more of you. I'm generally confident you could entertain me regardless of the background setting of your fiction.

And the looming dread of more great authors leaving and our fandom perishing increases, yet I understand, dismaying as it feels personally.

I'll just echo the sentiment of 'sad to see you possibly go, but you need to do you.' If you don't get as much pleasure as you feel you should from here, then it is time to move on to over ventures.

As a question though, I also haven't seen any updates from Ponibius either and I liked how you two split the focus of Freeport between you. Any ideas on their status?

I look forward to supporting you in your original projects.

I know this is selfish but will your stories update and more stories happen eventually? I can wait a decade or more but I really don't want to say goodbye to the world you created and how much I have fallen in love with it and want to see the storylines finished.
Sorry if I am being rude

I'd lie if I said that I wasn't a little sad and disappointed. However, after reading fanfics for almost ten years I've learnt to live with the fact that a lot of fanfics won't ever get finished. It's in the nature of fanfics. They're a hobby after all. You've been at it for a long time and it wasn't going to last forever. I'm very thankful that it lasted as long as it did. (Honestly, I'm surprised that I am still here. I thought MLP would be able to hold my attention for five years at most.)

The Winningverse in particular has had a tendency to grow sideways, with new sidestories, AUs and whatnots being added all the time. It was clear that not all of the story threads would be continued. Some were clearly already abandoned, others felt like they had reached the end or were getting close to wrapping up. It makes me wonder how close Freeport Venture was to catching up to the events of New Life.

I got into the Winningverse in early 2016 after receiving my copies of the Winning Pony hardcover books. The story had been sitting in my "read later" list for quite some time and I guess it was the excuse I needed to finally read it. Turned out the timing was perfect. From season six and onward I got increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of the show and the quality of its writing. The Winningverse gave me just about everything I was missing from the show. And with the large number of stories already existing and both you and Ponibius churning out new chapters on a regular basis I had stuff to read for years.

Your writing has a nice flow to it that makes it very pleasant to read. I liked the detailed world, the lore, the strong personalities and the mix of adventure, slice-of-life and romance. I especially liked how unpredictable Winning Pony was at times – it felt like every word out of somepony's muzzle could take the story in a completely new direction.

I'm glad you're okay. Good luck with future projects! I'd love to check them out when they're ready.

Looking forward to seeing what you write next.
Are you planning to keep the Chengar Qordath name or write under another one?

I'm happy to read your work no matter where you go.

Ah. Ok. I was wondering. Freeport is, and allways will be, my favorite series on this site. I am sad to see its 2 main writers slow or... stop... but I understand. It is inevitable, nothing lasts forever... but... Before these stories I never gave much thought to sunset, but I couldn't get enough of your version. I wanted it to go on forever... heh... at least this series is more complete than "The King is Dead, Long Live the Emperor". The first long story I read... this is close enough I can imagine how it went.

As for Ponibius...
Puzzle Piece is my favorite changeling, "City of Giants" made sure he would stay that way. Kukri is very close though... Changelings have too much in them that I am attached to.

I hope your original writting goes well, you deserve it! Truely! Thank you and Ponibius for making works that inspired me and made me want to create an account on this site, maybe even write myself.

If you do leave the site at some point completely... would you please just pop back in now and then to say hi? Write a blog? Let's us know how you are doing? Maybe post a link to your outside work? If not, I understand.

I keep saying it was going to happen at some point, but... have you ever wanted to cry over something you know you shouldn't... something that was going to happen anyway? Something someone else might see as trivial?

The page I had bookmarked to open the site with was the freeport page, hoping to see an update... I was more than hooked. I loved every single character, chapter, and side story. This AU was perfect for me, in every way. Nothing will likely ever come close...

You two will allways be my favorite writters, THANK YOU! I would love to check out whatever you do next!

But... I'm afraid changelings will allways be my favorite species. That have too many things that I love about them.

How it feels sometimes:


I wish I had gotten into this fandom sooner... it feels like I just got here...

While it's disappointing some stories will ne left incomplete, at least you're still writing.

If you made a Freeport-like setting with original, non-infringing characters, I would be interested. Would you post on Archive of our own?

Take your time and have fun. That's the important part of writing :twilightsmile:

Love your. Stuff. Especially Freeport stories and Northern Venture.Hope you come back for one last story. Or whatever. Keep me posted on what you write though. Hope your doing well.

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