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Not a changeling.

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New user icon · 10:24pm Jun 14th, 2019

... by art wizard Nadnerb. It's even a sneak preview of part of the Songs of the Sisters dustcover!

I think he did a fantastic job of capturing my good side. It's nearly at that perfect angle where it doesn't matter that I was having a bad eye day. I'm sure nopony will notice at icon size.

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I mean, it doesn't even look like a changeling! :D Not a hint of chitin whatsoever!

Wow, you certainly change your appearance a lot WHAT COULD IT MEAN

The User Icon of Dorian Gray!


Stress, I imagine.


Um, I mean, naturally! I don't know why the comparison is even worth making.

Boy, we sure are full of spicy rhetorical questions today!

New look? Perfectly changeling sexy. Also good for stealing love from ponies attracting mares.

It really is a good look on you. :raritystarry:

This joke ran its course so long ago that it had just started becoming funny again when canon decided to render it nonsensical. (Seriously, I'm pretty sure you're officially considered "undisguised" on the basis that nopony has been fooled for longer than the laws requiring it have existed)

I certainly wouldn't have any firsthoof knowledge of this, but I'm told that one of the first lessons shapeshifters learn is how to hide in plain sight by telling the truth and then nudging people to assume something about you which seems blindingly obvious.

Not that that's relevant. After all, I'm not a changeling.

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