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A Horizon book is happening! Interested? DO THIS NOW · 1:17am Jun 12th, 2019

It's been mentioned in my State of the Horizon posts, but let's make it official: I'll have a book of short stories available at the Bronycon bookstore!

Does that sound like a thing you want to buy (at the con or otherwise)? Do printed works of any of MLP fandom's top authors sound like a thing you want to buy? Then immediately go to this post right here and fill out RBDash47's survey by choosing the books you plan to buy. That will help me, and other authors, make sure that we print an appropriate number of books relative to demand. (We won't hold you to it; plans change. But getting the ballpark numbers wrong is bad.)

On the fence? Read on to see what you'd be missing!

horizon and Ponyfeather Publishing announce:

[cover art concept sketch: NOT finished product]

Songs of the Sisters

This definitive horizon short-story collection, debuting at Bronycon 2019, will feature over 130,000 words of short stories and poems, including both horizon's greatest hits and some all-new stories! It will have gorgeous cover art by NadnerbD (the hardback version will have a full wraparound dust cover), and the collection will feature a foreword by Skywriter.

Have you been waiting four years to read the expanded, polished version of horizon's infamous Writeoff hit Time Enough For Love? WAIT NO LONGER! Savor the time-travel romance of Clover the Clever and a younger, wilder Celestia, now at luxurious novella length!

Not enough for you? What about a sequel to the critically acclaimed Principal Celestia drama, Administrative Angel? A sequel that will be available in this book for the first time anywhere?


The collection will center around the twin themes of Celestia/Luna (sisters) and poetry, lyrics, and music (songs), along with some miscellaneous short stories which were too good to leave out.

Praise the Sun with Time Enough For Love, Administrative Angel, and its sequel Devil May Care; celebrate the Moon with Thou Goddess, Quiet Boy and Moon Horse, and Queen of Clubs.

Savor the lyrical romance of Fugue State and its sequel On The Roof. Lose yourself in the poetry of The Last Dreams Of Pony Island, Melt, and a number of shorter works, including the heady iambic monometer of An Impromptu Private Composition Upon The Joyous Occasion Of My Return Gala.

Then laugh and thrill to homages of classic SFF authors Terry Pratchett (Watch! Watch!) and Harry Harrison (The Iridescent Iron Rat).

The collection is rounded out by a number of horizon's shorter, more thought-provoking works in a variety of genres -- and the stories put together have won medals in a dozen different FIMFiction and Writeoff contests.

Songs of the Sisters will be officially released at the Bronycon Bookstore, and available for sale throughout the convention. Afterward, Ponyfeather Publishing will make it available through their website as both an e-book and a printed book.

The stories not published by the time of the convention will make it to FIMFiction. But bookstore patrons get early access!

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afterward as an e-book and maybe printed book, via Ponyfeather Publishing

Definitely as a printed book! Paperbacks and hardbacks will both be available for online ordering for anyone who can't make it to the con (or doesn't want to make room in their bags for a stack of horsebooks).

Of course, the only thing better than a copy is a signed copy... :trollestia:

I will be at Bronycon to sign them!

There is a reason I will be at Bronycon to sign them. But that's its own announcement. :raritywink:

Boy, it's a good thing that I traveled back in time and corrected myself before you had to speak up. Otherwise I'd have to deal with the awkwardness of a correction post on my ... oh.


There I go causing paradox again. Brb fighting off weird angel statue things

Yes to a for-real post-con edition!

I'm a little late, but I just wanted to say, congratulations! Can't wait to have my own copy. :coolphoto:

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