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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"

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Book survey + peek! · 5:42am Jun 12th, 2019

Last time, I let you guys know that I was putting a book of Limestone stories in the BronyCon Bookstore: "Bra Quest! and Other Tales of Limestone Pie." Well, today I got the very first test print back from Lulu! Check it out!!


If you're planning to be at BronyCon and you're thinking of buying one or more books from the BronyCon Bookstore, please take a look at RBDash47's survey and let us know what you're planning to buy! This isn't an order form, and it's not a commitment per se, but I'd ask you to consider it with seriousness--this is information that the authors will use to get a sense of how many copies to print. For instance, it'd be insane to print 100 copies of a book if there's only solid interest in 5.

I have some work to do to get ready for test print #2, though I'm pleased overall with how #1 turned out. Maybe the biggest question is whether to include a couple of "bonus non-Limestone" stories as part of it. I don't want to dilute the collection's focus, but it's dawned on me that I'm doing a collection but skipping two of my more significant published stories: The One Where Discord Gets All The Mares seems fated to be my #1 all-time most-read story, and Petunia and the Coelacanth got me into the RCL. Bereft of Limestone though they may be, it'd be pretty trivial to add them, and it might make for a more satisfying package.

I mean... I dunno. :twilightsheepish: I'd be curious what people think. One way or the other, though, I'll make a decision and get these babies printed soon enough.

Comments ( 9 )

Heeeeeey that never happened in the book



YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD :raritydespair:


Author Interviewer

who did the cover? :O

It’ll be so nifty to see this book in person.

(looks at cover) Eh, keep it classy, CoffeeMinion. :derpytongue2:

Seriously, though, congratulations. I'd recommend keeping to the Limestone theme, but that's just me. Still impressive to see it's actually happenin'. I hope they sell like hotcakes. :pinkiesmile:

I'm not a convention-goer by any means, but given its significance in the fandom, part of me kinda wishes I could do it just this once. It's sad to think this is the last of them. What a ride the past few years in the fandom have been.

Looks pretty good! While I'm going to be doing my own book for BronyCon, I filled out the survey as well. I'm definitely going to get this collection if it'll be at the Bookstore, so you'll at least have one customer.

Huzzah! I’m hoping there’s decent interest, but I’m happy even coming this far. I think I’d be floored if I could go back in time and show myself I’d have an actual (sorta-) published book someday. But then there’d be questions like, “You seriously called it ‘Bra Quest?’” and, “What on earth would possess you to start writing MLP fanfiction?!”

Classy? I don’t know the meaning. :rainbowwild:

This might be the last BronyCon, but it won’t by any means be the last pony con. I believe at least HarmonyCon and Whinny City have confirmed they’re on for 2020. Beyond that, I’m pretty sure there’s an annual MLP Fair that was around long before G4 and that will continue long after.

It’ll change, and probably condense, but it’s not just going to die.

Not gonna lie, it’s almost spooky holding the thing. It’s like... all the time, all the thought, all the everything that went into these stories... and I can hold it in my hand.

As Rick James might put it: holding your own book is a hell of a drug. :trollestia:

It was done by PraysForAPrankster on DeviantArt. I highly encourage you to check her out and commission her if you like her style!

Dude that looks sweet!

Looks real nice, but I won't be at brony con

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