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Keep On Rockin' In The Free World · 3:11am Jun 8th, 2019

I went back and forth several times about whether I should put a book in the BronyCon bookstore, and what that book should be. But as of yesterday, I have an answer... and a very small problem. But it's a problem where we can both benefit from a solution.


Let's cut to the chase: I need to write another short Limestone story, and I need to do it fast. That's because I'm going to put the following in the BronyCon bookstore...

Bra Quest! and Other Tales of Limestone Pie
by CoffeeMinion
Sometimes even the biggest grump on both sides of the mirror shows her softer side.
Paperback ($5)

...and with everything compiled, assembled, typeset, etc., I'm still about 3000 words short of the minimum length that the bookstore is asking for. :raritydespair:

But this is an eminently solvable problem! Remember the last time I did a story request thread? Truth is, I still have a couple outstanding requests from that. But that also helped generate this and this and bonus chapters of this and this. And speaking of Heavy Rock: thank you guys so much for giving it a trip to the box! Who knew it'd make it there two years after its debut!

So let's do a request thing again. You want a story? Fire away. Only this time, preferential treatment will DEFINITELY be given for Limestone. And as before, I'll probably only take a few of these, and there's no guarantee of how long anything might or might not turn out. But if there's a (Limestone) story you've been dying to see from me, and especially if you're going to BronyCon and would like a chance to get a hard copy of it... do it for her!

Comments ( 11 )

I want a story called “Lime Stoned”.

While the “crystals” or “rock candy” joke is obvious, I think a more interesting path would be to contrive a reason for her and Tree Hugger to be hanging out together, and watch how they interact.

I already gave you one:
The Pairing Stone pairs itself with Holder’s Boulder. Limestone doesn’t agree with this pairing. The Pairing Stone may not survive.

Ideas? You? Need ideas? Heresy! Lol.

So, are you going to be a vendor at BronyCon then?

Okay, old idea but I hope it has potential, the two Limestones meet. Most likely scenario one goes through the mirror trying to stop Pinkie from doing something, alternately there is more Storm King® magic (as per "Spring Breakdown") randomly bothering one of the rock farms. Perhaps it energizes Holder's Boulder® which of course gets Limestone's attention and when she touches it, well mayhem ensues. Of course she meets her doppelgänger and has to deal with that as well as dealing with a change in species, and all that before she even gets to quest for her sister, or figures out how to get back.

One wonders how pony Flash would take it if Limestone seems to be familiar with him, not realizing they are sort of an item in the alternate universe, or conversely human Flash's take when he suddenly finds himself with two bass players, and also has shenanigans happen when he can't tell the difference between them. If you want to do throwbacks perhaps one of the Twilights realizes what happened and has to try and get the Limestones back before a "Crisis on Infinite Limestones" is generated. Well, but that's enough ramblings for now. Hope this helps, at least it might steer you safely away from where you don't wan't to go, lol.

As a counterpoint to 5071061, instead the Pinkies meet, and the rest of the local protagonist posse conscript Limestone to break them up and shepherd a Pinkie back to the portal on the basis that's she's one of the few beings in the world who can. (Maud is unavailable because mumble mumble mumble.)

I am a shipper and so I have two ideas.

First: Marble is interested in someone but, being Marble, can't seem to do anything about it. Limestone finds out and decides to intervene, either by trying to convince/force her sister to act, or by going to the guy/girl in question and forcing them to act (whether they want to or not). Possibly both.

Second: Same scenario, except Marble is already with the target of her affections in secret. Limestone finds out and, being the protective Big Sister, decides to go have "a talk" with this pony to make sure they meet her expectations.

Of course, shipping is just the base platform of these concepts. The real goal is to see some Marble/Limestone sisterly bonding as a result of either scenario. You had some nice scenes with these two together in Heavy Metal, but they were always little aside moments. I'd like to see something more devoted to the subject.

I had an idea for a premise for a Doctor Who-inspired story a while back: Holder Cobblestone, the Pie's ancestor, was secretly a Time Lord, and Holder's Boulder is his dormant TARDIS. One day, it opens up, prompting a bewildered Limestone and Marble to investigate. Adventure ensues.

You guys might've jarred loose the idea I needed. It's one that I forgot about; one that's been on the back-burner since time immemorial, and that I'd apparently forgotten to add to my story idea backlog. There's even good art for it that was done (sorta) as a gift to make it happen. Right now this is plan "A" for "Awww yeaaahh."

I'm not vending per se; I'm adding a book to the BronyCon Bookstore that Aquaman is running. Gotta say though, I love your idea, and I've long been trying to come up with a detailed concept for "The Limestone of Two Worlds" that would fly. My instinct is to stick them both in the Power Ponies world, but I haven't fleshed it out yet.

This also has promise. I could see it being like "Too Many Pinkie Pies" but much more focused. Or, I could see possibly mixing in some of 5071151's idea, and making it one of the Marbles who crosses over and has to be persuaded to go back.

This one's gold. It's also probably a way bigger concept than I can do right now. :raritydespair: But hold onto this one; it's gold I tell you!

Cool, I'll be after books anyway, I'll be sure to find Aquaman's stall then. Thanks, and good luck getting an idea, two Limestones :pinkiegasp: would be hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

If you’re going to be at BronyCon too, it’d be great to say hi! :raritystarry:

Sure, I'd love to, will you be at Aquaman's stall then?

Some of the time, probably. We’ll have to coordinate schedules a bit as it gets closer.

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